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March 9, 2017

An app for dissertation writing

The free Gingko app combines the functionality of outlines with the fluidity of mind-maps and index cards. One reviewer wrote if the app had existed previously, “it would have saved me two years off my Ph.D.”

September 23, 2022

Announcing the 2022 Gatzert Child Welfare Fellows

How can learning and identity development combat spatial oppression? How can we improve mobility for children with cerebral palsy? How can we center disabled experiences to take up Disability Justice in school curricula? The 2022 Gatzert Child Welfare Fellows are seeking answers to these questions through their dissertation research. The Gatzert Child Welfare Fellowship is…

August 11, 2022

Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fellowships

Dolores Zohrab Liebmann supported students and charitable organizations in her lifetime and created a fund to continue support after her death. The Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund supports graduate students with “outstanding character and ability who hold promise for achievement and distinction in their chosen fields of study.” The University of Washington is one of the institutions selected…

Gatzert Child Welfare Fellowship

2022-23 application deadline: Tuesday, April 19, 2022 at noon (12 p.m. PST). Apply via MyGrad Program through the ‘Awards’ > ‘Requests’ links.  The Gatzert Child Welfare Fellowship is a one-quarter fellowship awarded for the writing of a doctoral dissertation that contributes to the lives of children with disabilities. The Gatzert Fellowship includes one quarter of…

March 29, 2022

UW Virtual Three Minute Thesis 2022

2022 Competition Winners | Theme | Eligibility Criteria | Proposal Guidelines | Proposal Selection Criteria | Proposal Form | Preliminary Rounds | Past Winners | FAQs | Contact About UW 3MT® is a professional development competition that celebrates the exciting capstone and research experiences of master’s and doctoral students at the University of Washington from…

October 4, 2021

Guidelines for Good Practice in Graduate Education

High quality graduate education depends upon the professional and ethical conduct of the participants. Faculty and graduate students share complementary responsibilities in the maintenance of academic standards and the development of high quality graduate programs. Excellence in graduate education is achieved when both faculty and students are highly motivated, possess the academic and professional backgrounds…

July 27, 2021

Posthumous Degrees

The University of Washington Graduate School follows the guidelines outlined by the University for awarding posthumous degrees, which can be found on the Procedure for Awarding Posthumous Degrees at the University of Washington (Seattle) page. The University of Washington Graduate School recognizes the sense of loss that the student’s family and the university community feel when…

July 20, 2021

Food and Drink at the Final Examination

It is common practice in some of our programs for students to bring food and/or drinks to meetings with faculty (e.g. during annual committee meetings, general exam defenses, thesis/dissertation defenses). It is often an implicit expectation rather than an explicit requirement. However, the differential in power between the student and their faculty mentors means that this “voluntary” practice is actually far from voluntary.  The Graduate…

March 17, 2021

2021 Gatzert Fellows Contribute to the Lives of Children with Disabilities

profile pictures of 2021 Gatzert fellows Shixin Huang and Michael Rosenberg

How can we make ankle-foot orthoses that do more to improve mobility? How are parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in China working to enhance their children’s quality of life? These are some of the questions that drive this year’s Gatzert Child Welfare Fellows. The Gatzert Child Welfare Fellowship is a one-quarter fellowship…

February 12, 2021

WAGS/UMI Innovation in Technology Award

Call for Internal Nominations The Western Association of Graduate Schools (WAGS) and University Microfilms International (UMI) are pleased to announce the 2022 WAGS/UMI Outstanding Innovation in Technology award.   This $1,500 award may be given either to a master’s thesis or to a doctoral dissertation and is intended to recognize the innovative application of technology to…

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