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Finding Your Path

Maybe you’ve got a specific program in mind, or perhaps you are just interested in what is available at the UW and how to go about finding a program, applying, and paying for school.

Know that the Graduate School accepts applications from U.S. citizens, permanent residents (green card holders), immigrants and international applicantsUndocumented individuals are eligible for admission to any graduate program at the University of Washington. Graduate School admission requirements and application procedures are the same for all applicants regardless of citizenship and visa status.

Our Commitment to Equity & Justice

Is Graduate School Right for You?

Going through the process of earning a graduate degree is expensive, time consuming, and asks a lot of you and the people around you. But it can also be a rewarding and enlightening part of moving to the next step in your life.

When considering whether to apply, ask yourself some questions: Why do I want to go to graduate school? What is my end goal? Is graduate school necessary to meet that goal? If so, what is the right program for me? Does UW have a program that fits my needs?

If you’ve decided to continue to the next step, you’ll want to find a good program…

Find a Program

Your graduate school program should be tailored to fit you and your style. It should be comfortable, flexible while remaining supportive, and help you reach the finish line.

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The Application Process

How to Apply

In graduate school, students apply directly to the programs they are interested in. Learn more about the process of submitting your application.

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After You Apply

You’ve submitted your application to a UW graduate program and now it’s time to wait, so… What happens next?

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After You Are Accepted

You’ve gotten in! What steps can you take to prepare yourself and ease your transition into grad school.

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Paying for School

Graduate school can be an expensive endeavor. Fortunately, there are lots of resources to help you learn how to pay for school and find assistance.

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