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Additional Resources

This page contains resources to aid in the understanding and implementation of Graduate School Policy, including links to Graduate School forms and policy adjacent topics.

Graduate School Forms & Reference Documents

The Letter of Certification is for doctoral and master’s students who need proof of degree completion early. If your degree has already posted, degree validation can be obtained here, and transcripts can be ordered via the University Registrar.

Request for Letter of Certification form

This resource can be used to request on-leave status. The time frame for submitting this is two weeks prior to the first day of instruction through the last day of that quarter.

Request On Leave Status

The page linked below relates to exceptional circumstances that would exempt graduate students with Academic Student Employee jobs from the 10 or more credit enrollment requirement and sets the procedures for petitioning for exempt status.

Petition for Reduced Enrollment Procedures

Graduate School Resources

GEMS begins processing candidacies after the grading deadline each quarter. Students can expect to see the candidacy with the quarter and year of conferral post to their official MyUW transcript about four to six weeks after the end of the quarter.

It is common practice in some of our programs for students to bring food and/or drinks to meetings with faculty (e.g. during annual committee meetings, general exam defenses, thesis/dissertation defenses). It is often an implicit expectation rather than an explicit requirement. However, the differential in power between the student and their faculty mentors means that this “voluntary” practice is actually far from voluntary.

The Graduate School, in partnership with the Graduate and Professional Student Senate and the Faculty Senate, asks all University of Washington faculty to end the practice of students catering required meetings. Allowing students to make the decision about catering these required meetings themselves is a false choice for them: many are concerned that they will be punished or judged harshly if they do not bring food/drink. We remind you that:

  • We have students dealing with food insecurity; buying food for a required meeting is an undue burden (it is an undue burden even if they are not dealing with food insecurity)
  • The practice creates a lot of anxiety for students
  • Programs at universities across the country have or are adopting such policies to support students

A resource for the Graduate School’s important dates and deadlines throughout the year.

Graduate Student Dates and Deadlines

Graduate students and chairs of all doctoral committees are required to sign a form documenting that the student has been advised of human and animal subjects guidelines. 

Download the form

For further information and questions, you may go to the following sites:

Human Subjects Division
Animal Care Committee

For an extensive dive into the processes and resources available relating to the Thesis and Dissertation processes, visit the Thesis/Dissertation Resources page.

Refer to the University of Washington Time Schedule for procedures and dates, or visit the website of the Office of the Registrar.

External Resources

Below are resources beyond those found on the Graduate School website.

To promote learning and student success, the University of Washington’s Center for Teaching and Learning supports the advancement of a UW teaching community that is collegial and committed to reflective, inclusive, equitable, and learner-centered teaching.

Center for Teaching and Learning website

The Disability Resources for Students (DRS) Office is a unit within the Division of Student Life dedicated to ensuring access and inclusion for all students with disabilities on the Seattle campus.

Disability Resources for Students website

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) provides administrative services to students, faculty, and staff. Information relating to administrative concerns, like academic records, transcripts, and diplomas, can be found at the Office of the Registrar website.

The UW Study Abroad Office is the primary resource for questions relating to study abroad opportunities for graduate students.

Students who travel internationally for fieldwork, research or other curricular purposes are required by UW policy to register their travel with the UW Office of Global Affairs (OGA). The OGA provides health and safety support for graduate students travelling internationally.

The UW Time Schedule lists credit classes offered at the University of Washington – Seattle. It is updated daily and is subject to change.