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Get to Know the Pacific Northwest

If you’re coming from out of the area, we are so excited to introduce you to the Pacific Northwest.

All three campuses are within 50 miles of each other along the Puget Sound. The University of Washington acknowledges the Coast Salish peoples of this landLinks to an external site., the land which touches the shared waters of all tribes and bands within the Suquamish, Tulalip and Muckleshoot nations.

While the campuses are separate and distinct, they also have many commonalities, chief among them the natural beauty of the area and the influence of Seattle’s culture.

We hope the following resources help serve as an introduction to the area.

Read the Seattle Times’ Newcomer’s Guide


Seattle has the reputation of non-stop rain, and while it does rain a fair amount, our reputation tends to be exaggerated.

The Seattle Freeze: Real or Myth?

It’s OK to Reach Out

The “Seattle Freeze” is the belief that Seattleites are polite and nice, but not warm. Some transplants complain that it can be harder to make friends in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest than in other parts of the country. With the right approach, the “freeze” can quickly become more myth than reality.