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Student Success

Campus Resources

While you’re a UW student, you might need to connect to student services, campus groups, and more.

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Beyond Graduation

You’ve worked hard and earned your degree. What now? See what information is available to assist you in planning your next steps.

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As part of our investment in a better graduate experience for Black, Latinx, Native American and Pacific Islander graduate students, the Graduate School sponsors the Office of Graduate Student Equity & Excellence.

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International Students

We know that International students face unique challenges. To ease these challenges, we’ve created a page to help guide you to information around this site.

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Advice Knowledge Base

Over the years, the Graduate School has created hundreds of articles aimed at helping students get the most out of their experience at the UW. For the first time, we’ve collected all of these articles in one searchable database, from stories on how to find an advisor or secure funding to insights on how to deal with mental health challenges and impostor syndrome, and much more…

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