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How to Apply

Degree Tracks

Applications are for the following three types of students. Graduate School admission requirements and application procedures are different for each student type.

  • Graduate students are working toward a master’s or doctoral degree. Students must be admitted as a graduate student in order to earn a degree.
  • Visiting graduate students plan to transfer a limited number of graduate credits to their home institution where they are actively pursuing a graduate degree.
  • Graduate non-matriculated (GNM) students are not currently seeking a degree but may apply a maximum of 12 graduate level credits toward degree requirements should they later be accepted into a graduate program. (Acceptance as a GNM student does not confer priority for later admission to a graduate program.) Students holding or expecting to hold F-1 or visitor visas are not eligible for GNM status.

The Process

If you’ve found a program and are ready to start the process, you can apply now.

At the UW, graduate admissions is decentralized. The Graduate School can answer general questions. For academic advising, contact the graduate programs directly.

The role of the Graduate School

The role of a graduate program

  • establish admission requirements for a degree program
  • set application deadlines
  • decide what application materials are required
  • review applications
  • ensure applicants meet minimum requirements established by the Graduate School
  • make admission decisions
  • notify applicants of admission decisions

Now that you know more about graduate admissions at the UW, here are tips for getting started:

  • Review minimum admission requirements and basic information about applying
  • Research graduate programs. 
    • Select a graduate program and review admissions requirements, deadlines and application materials specific to that program.
    • Visit the program’s website and contact the program if you have any questions.

Application Deadlines

Deadlines for each degree program are determined by the faculty of that graduate program and can be found in the selected program listing.

Submitted Application Materials

Application materials, once submitted as part of your application, become the property of the University of Washington Graduate School. Materials will not be returned and copies will not be provided for applicants nor released to other institutions. Please keep a copy for your records.