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Application Fee Waivers

Who Qualifies?

Eligibility is determined based on financial need or by participation in the McNair Scholars or PPIA Fellows program.

Unfortunately, applicants studying on F or J visas are not eligible for application fee waivers.


  • Washington State Need Grant Program eligibility criteria is used to determine financial need. Waivers are based on the 100% Median Family Income (MFI).
  • Reported income should be based on the most recent tax year.
  • Washington state residency is not required to qualify.
  • Supporting documentation is not required at the time of application however, in the case of an audit, income documents may be requested.

  • When completing the waiver request, please indicate which grant program you qualify under.
  • Supporting documentation is required for McNair Scholars and PPIA Fellows:
    • Documentation should be sent to
    • Accepted documentation:
      • A signed letter from the program director certifying current participation in the grant program. Dates of participation must be included in the letter.

How to Apply 

Fee waiver request should be submitted at least seven (7) days before the posted application deadline.

  1. Complete all required portions of the application. Requesting a fee waiver is the last step before submitting your complete application.
  2. Proceed to the “Verify, Pay, and Submit” step in the application.
  3. Click the “Verify” button after confirming your personal information has been entered correctly.
  4. Select “I am eligible for a fee waiver” from the payment method drop-down menu.
  5. Complete the fee waiver eligibility questionnaire.
    1. If you qualify under the McNair/PPIA fellows program, indicate your participation in the program.
    2. If you qualify for a need-based waiver, indicate your income and family size. 
  6. Your request will be reviewed by Graduate School staff within 48 hours. You will receive notification via email.
  7. After you receive notification of approval, return to your application and complete the verification process. If you do not complete this final step, your application will remain unsubmitted and will not be reviewed.


Fee Waiver FAQ

No, if you have already paid the application fee, your waiver request will be denied.

The only individuals that do not qualify based on immigration/residency status are those on F or J visas. This is due to federal requirements tied to eligibility for these visas. All other applicants, including other visa holders and undocumented immigrants are encouraged to apply.

No, at this time we only approve fee waivers for McNair Scholars, PPIA Fellows, and those that have demonstrated a financial need. Some academic departments have programs that help applicants qualify to have their fees paid on their behalf. If you do not qualify for a Graduate School fee waiver, you are encouraged to contact your graduate program to see if you qualify for their program.