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Paying for Graduate School

Graduate school is an exciting and intellectually invigorating time for many students. It is also a major commitment of time, energy, and money. It’s the last of those commitments that we get the most questions about at the Graduate School. To help you along, we’ve supplied resources throughout this website to help you learn what the costs are and what help there is available.

Tuition and Fees

The cost of attending gear school at the UW is dependent on several factors, including what degrees you’re pursuing, what school or college you’re affiliated with, and whether or not you are a resident of the State of Washington. The university has built a comprehensive, filterable tool to help you understand what the costs to you will be.

Visit the Graduate Tuition Dashboard

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance can take many forms.

Fellowships (often referred to as “grants” or “scholarships”) are one way students find help covering the costs of their graduate studies. Each fellowship will have its own set of criteria, eligibility requirements, and application process.

Another type of assistance many graduate students pursue is an assistantship. You might know about these roles as teaching assistants (TAs) and research assistants (RAs).

Please visit the funding section of this website to learn more about paying for grad school.

How Do I Pay for Graduate School?