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Policies & Procedures

The Graduate School maintains a set of policies that define and govern the terms under which graduate students pursue and successfully complete their degrees. These policies are updated from time to time, as necessary; please review the most recent policy or policies. If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate School’s Office of Academic Affairs at gsacad@uw.edu.

We welcome input from the UW graduate community on our policies and procedures. Members of the UW graduate community (deans, directors, chairs, graduate program coordinators, graduate program assistants, GPSS officers, and Graduate School staff) can suggest new Graduate School policies or revisions to existing policies. Policy requests will be reviewed by the Graduate School and, if appropriate, taken to the Graduate School Council Policy Committee for review.

To request a new Graduate School policy or revision to an existing policy, please write the Office of Academic Affairs (gsacad@uw.edu). See the Process Overview for Graduate School Policy Changes for more information.

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