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Policy 1.8: Authorization and Periodic Review of Academic Programs

1.8.1 Authorization of New Graduate Programs

The review and approval process for new graduate degree programs and graduate certificate programs is coordinated by the Office of Academic Affairs in the Graduate School. During the approval process, elements not related to the content and level of the graduate program, such as financial aid eligibility, visa eligibility, program location, delivery mode, tuition/fee structure, application requirements, etc., are referred to the appropriate UW administrative office for assessment.

1.8.2 Periodic Review of Existing Graduate and Undergraduate Programs

University of Washington Executive Order 20.4 mandates the review of all degree-offering academic units on a regular basis, including the undergraduate and graduate degree programs they offer.

Although academic program review is the joint responsibility of the Dean of the Graduate School and the Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, the University has designated the Graduate School’s Office of Academic Affairs for overseeing and facilitating the academic program review process.

New programs initially are authorized by the Board of Regents with provisional status and should be reviewed at least once every five years until they are given continuing status.

Policy 1.8 created: February, 1985. Revised: June 2010; January 2017; October 2022

Policy 1.8 revised March 2024