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Concurrent Degree Graduation Review

When students who are enrolled in more than one degree program apply to graduate, they are asked to complete a manual degree audit because the MyGradProgram/MyPlan degree audit will not function on concurrent student records. Graduate Program Advisors are welcome to assist students with the below steps.

Instructions for graduating concurrent students:

1. Review the applicable Graduation Checklist as you prepare to graduate.
2. Submit your graduation request for one or both degrees via MyGrad by the quarterly deadline.
3. Access your most recent unofficial transcript.

  • Login to MyUW >> UW Resources >> Academic Resources >> Grades & Transcripts >> Unofficial Transcript.
  • Save or Print this transcript.

4. Highlight courses on your transcript for each degree/candidacy/certificate with a different color.

  • Write a color key on the transcript.
  • Use a third color for your approved shared courses (if applicable).
  • To review “shared” credit guidelines, refer to Policy 1.5 for concurrent Masters & PhD policies; refer to Policy 1.2 for Graduate Certificate programs. If you need assistance determining your shared credits, please contact your Graduate Program Advisor(s).
  • Examples of Concurrent Audits

5. Scan and save your highlighted transcript as a PDF.

  • You may also take a photo of the transcript to save as an image file (.jpg, .gif, etc.).

6. Open the UW Concurrent Form, selecting “new” to access the form. (Note: you must log in with your UW Net ID.)

  • Complete the form, and click “attach file” to upload your highlighted transcript.
  • Click “save” to submit the form.

7. Please complete the Concurrent Form no later than the last day of your graduation quarter, so your graduation can be processed more quickly. However, form submissions will still be reviewed after this date.


Please contact the Graduate Enrollment Management Services office if you have questions. Congratulations on your accomplishment!