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May 24, 2021

Urban Design and Planning interdisciplinary Ph.D. student named to the 2021 Husky 100

Congratulations to Lan T. Nguyen, a doctoral student in the Graduate School’s interdisciplinary Urban Design and Planning Ph.D. program, who was honored as part of the 2021 Husky 100! Lan studies the impact of natural disasters on communities, particularly, communities of color. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lan helped launch a symposium with other graduate students…

November 16, 2020

UW Ford Fellows on Science, Community and Applying for Fellowships

Profile pictures of Ford fellows Colleen O'Connor and Jorge Cisneros

The secret to helping secure a fellowship is being able to tell your story through the personal statement, O’Connor said. One way to help stand out is showing how one’s research can impact the community. -Colleen O’Connor Being able to tell her story and the story of her research to audiences as varied as elementary school children and the…

August 12, 2020

New Title IX Regulations effective August 14, 2020

Title IX, Title VII, VAWA, Washington state law, and University of Washington policy collectively prohibit discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, pregnant or parenting status, and LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) identity. Anyone may contact the Office of the Title IX Coordinator about sex and gender discrimination, including sexual or gender-based…

May 13, 2020

GO-MAP and interdisciplinary students named to the Husky 100

A big congratulations to Erin Lee and Mollie McDonnell, two students within the Graduate School’s programs who were named to the Husky 100 for 2020. They were two of 100 students honored across UW’s three campuses this year for their work building inclusive communities. Erin is a Graduate Staff Assistant for GO-MAP,* a Graduate School…

May 11, 2020

In Memory of Dr. Gabriel Gallardo

Dr. Gabriel Gallardo, associate vice president for student success of the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (OMA&D), has passed away. Dr. Gallardo was also a staunch supporter of GO-MAP, and everyone at the Graduate School mourns this loss. Read more >

September 25, 2019

Explore GSEE’s History (formerly GO-MAP)

This story is part of a series celebrating the 50th anniversary of GO-MAP, now known as GSEE. Learn more. Welcome to the start of the GSEE story! We are so proud of our history, our struggles, our achievements, and, especially, our alumni.  As part of our 50th anniversary celebration, we produced a timeline that incorporates profiles of…

Michelle (Mimi) Acosta, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology, 1980-1989 Every year in the Department of Psychology, there was one graduate student of color who was charged with supporting students of color within the program. This official departmental position was funded by a fellowship from GO-MAP*. I was one of the graduate students who held this position in the 1980’s.  The…

Jason Wooden, Ph.D.

Department of Genetics, 1996 Wooden works in the Seattle area and is a full-time entrepreneur, with a number of projects in health and biomedical sciences. Wooden recalls how GO-MAP* functions helped him get out of the lab and make connections across disciplines.  Graduate school can be very arduous for people. It can be a long…

Tyrone Caldwell Howard, Ph.D.

College of Education, 1998 Dr. Howard came to the UW after teaching in elementary school classrooms in Compton, California. Advised by Professor James Banks (the “Father of Multicultural Education), Howard studied multicultural education, academic achievement among African Americans, and equity in the classroom. Howard has continued onto an impressive career as a professor of education…

Jessica Yellin, Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineering BSME – 1989 MSME – 1996 Ph.D. – 2004 For Jessica Yellin, Ph.D., ‘04, GO-MAP* provided emotional support and community as she tackled a challenging graduate school program and cared for her family.  Yellin describes herself as “a local yocal and kind of a lifer.” Having grown up in the Seattle area, she…

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