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Petition for Reduced Enrollment


Graduate students with Academic Student Employee jobs (RA,TA, etc), fellowships or traineeships must register in 10 credits or more applicable to the degree during fall, winter, and spring quarters. In summer quarter the requirement is two credits. The 10 credit minimum applies even if a job is less than five out of the six pay periods in a quarter, and even if the job is less than 20 hours per week (50% FTE).


In exceptional cases, students may submit a petition for reduced enrollment to the Graduate School. If approved, the student is eligible to be employed and/or receive the position benefits while registered in less than 10 credits.

This petition process is ONLY for eligibility to work as an RA/TA/SA/Predoctoral Instructor or receive a stipend as a fellow or trainee. This petition process IS NOT for part-time enrollment approval in other areas, such as

  • financial aid eligibility
  • loan deferral eligibility
  • international student visa eligibility
  • certain UW programs eligibility (e.g., Childcare Assistance Program, University housing)


  1. Has health problems that warrant a reduced credit load or is a primary caregiver for someone to an extent that warrants a reduced credit load. (Documentation required).
  2. Will graduate and does not require 10 credits in final quarter. This condition may only be used once in a student’s academic program tenure.
  3. Has an approved accommodation for reduced credits from the Office of Disability Resources (DRS) (Documentation required).
  4. Will experience financial hardship if required to enroll in 10 credits (RA/TA/SA job, fellowship or traineeship does not provide tuition).
  5. Be in a program specifically designed to be entirely part-time. (Documentation required).

To Submit a Petition

Students will need:

  • The numbers of credits in which you will enroll;
  • The type of appointment you will have (e.g., TA, RA, SA, fellowship, traineeship);
  • The name and email address of the official in your academic department who will be approving your request (must be Graduate Program Advisor, Graduate Program Coordinator or Chair);
  • 1-2 sentences that explain how one of the listed criteria fits your circumstances;
  • If required, documentation that you meet one of the criteria (see ‘criteria’ above for requirements).

Student Petition Process

  1. Student submits petition to the Graduate School;
  2. Student forwards the submission confirmation email they receive to their department Graduate Program Advisor, Graduate Program Coordinator or department Chair;
  3. Department official approves or disapproves the petition through the URL provided in the email from the student;
  4. The Graduate School approves or disapproves the petition; the student and department official are notified via email from <>. Petitions are reviewed approximately once per week.

Approval Process

  • If approved, the Graduate School will (1) confirm payment of any tuition benefits associated with the position; (2) notify the Benefits Office of eligibility for any GAIP coverage associated with the position; and (3) notify Professional & Continuing Education of any eligibility for payment of course fees.
  • If not approved, the student must enroll in 10 or more credits.

Submit your Petition

Department Approval


Contact the Office of Fellowships & Awards.