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Resources for Postdocs

Advice Knowledge Base

Over the years, the Graduate School has created hundreds of articles aimed at helping students and postdocs get the most out of their experience at the UW. For the first time, we’ve collected all of these articles in one searchable database, from stories on how to work with your PI or secure funding to insights on how to deal with mental health challenges and impostor syndrome, and much more…

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OPA Newsletter

OPA sends out bi-weekly newsletters to postdocs on a range of relevant topics including but not limited to writing/research productivity, professional development, career exploration, conflict management, mentoring, funding information, campus resources.

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Individual Development Plan

[convert to PDF – Eric]The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a written guide to help provide some structure when working through your goals, as well as guide you in letting your professors, mentors, family and friends know how best they can support you in reaching your academic, personal, and professional objectives.

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Your Rights as a UW Postdoc

The rights of postdoctoral fellows at the University of Washington are outlined in the UAW Postdoctoral Scholar Contract.

External Resources

Below are links to helpful content and organizations around the University of Washington and beyond.

Postdoc Resources