Degree Requirements

November 9, 2022


Request Reinstatement | Reinstatement Eligibility | Instructions for Requesting Reinstatement | Information for Graduate Programs A matriculated student previously registered in the Graduate School who has failed to maintain graduate student status (on-leave status or registration) but who wishes to resume studies in their previous graduate program must submit a reinstatement request to the Graduate School. Students approved for…

Graduate On-Leave Status

Graduate students are required to maintain graduate status during their program of study. Failure to maintain this status requires reinstatement to the University of Washington. Students who desire to take a quarter or quarters off without going through the reinstatement process must apply for on-leave status for each quarter they do not register. For complete…

November 8, 2022

Policy 3.10: Graduate Student Classifications

This policy establishes the Graduate School requirement for continuous enrollment through graduation and eligibility to pay the graduate registration waiver fee in the final quarter of study.

November 7, 2022

Policy 3.7: Academic Performance and Progress

This policy establishes the Graduate School requirments for the academic performance and progress of graduate students and includes guidance on appropriate process for cases where student academic performance does not meet program expectations.

Policy 3.5: On-Leave Policy to Maintain Graduate Student Status

This policy establishes the on-leave requirements for graduate students taking a leave to maintain graduate student status.

November 4, 2022

Policy 1.6: Sequential Combined Undergraduate/Graduate (CUG) Degrees

This policy establishes the guidelines for a Combined Undergraduate/Graduate (CUG) Degree.

Policy 1.5: Concurrent Degree Programs

This policy establishes the general policies for formal and informal concurrent degree programs and includes information on admissions and program requirements.

Policy 1.2: Graduate Certificates

This policy establishes the Graduate School requirements for all graduate certificates and includes information on review and approval of graduate certificate programs.

Policy 1.1: Graduate Degree Requirements

This policy establishes the Graduate School requirements for all graduate degree programs.