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Diversity and Inclusion

“Fostering diverse and inclusive graduate communities is a paramount responsibility of universities. A diverse representation of ideas, students, faculty, staff and leadership is essential to the excellence and success of graduate education and its function of advancing knowledge that benefits a broad range of local, national and international populations. To attract and retain the world’s most diverse and talented graduate students, faculty, and staff, universities must establish and maintain welcoming and supportive classroom and campus environments that allow each individual to thrive.”
—UW Graduate School’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan for Graduate Education

The Office of the Associate Dean for Diversity and Student Affairs within the Graduate School supports diversity and inclusiveness at the University of Washington in multiple and innovative ways: from support of students and departments to programming to advocacy to fostering conversation and dialogue.

It serves as a catalytic agent supporting existing programs, convening and collaborating with a variety of units and stakeholders, and developing new initiatives responsive to emerging needs. In doing so, the Office helps promote the excellence of graduate education through engaging diversity and inclusion of identities, histories, and strengths based on race, ethnicity, gender, gender identification, abilities, religion, national origin and veteran status.

Additionally, the Graduate Opportunities & Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP), offers programs and support to serve the needs of underrepresented graduate students of color to enhance equity and graduate student success.

In our daily work, the Graduate School staff provide support for diversity and inclusion in a variety of impactful ways that advances the Graduate’s School diversity and equity mission.

  • The Advancement and Communications teams raise visibility, awareness and private support for fellowships that help increase representation and success of underrepresented students in graduate programs.
  • Through academic program reviews we facilitate the development of new programs, including interdisciplinary programs of study, help maintain and improve the quality of graduate education across our three campuses, and ensure that diversity in enrollment and curriculum practices is incorporated in the University’s academic programs.
  • The University of Washington Press documents the region’s rich and varied cultural and historical heritage.
  • Our Interdisciplinary Studies Programs enrich diversity by bringing together varied perspectives in classrooms and labs and encourage innovative, collaborative approaches to global issues. Also, they facilitate connections among faculty in other disciplines that often create spaces for synergy, intellectual openness and collaborative efforts critical to research and public scholarship.
  • The Computing and Information Resources team ensures that systems and services are accessible and information is available to a broad population of users on and off campus. This information includes highlighting trends and successes in recruiting, enrolling and graduating students of color and students from underrepresented communities.
  • Graduate Enrollment Management services provides service and support to graduate students, applicants, faculty and staff and helps ensure that standards and policies supporting graduate programs and students are fair and equitable.

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