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The communications team conveys the Graduate School’s commitment to diversity and graduate students’ success by supporting fundraising, recruitment and retention and professional development efforts.

Annie Pellicciotti, director

Additional support

We direct, design, create and maintain our online presence that serves the Graduate School’s audiences. In addition, we gather, coordinate and disseminate information of interest and importance to UW graduate students, Graduate School staff, University leaders, the UW campus and the community, and collaborate with units campus-wide to share content and cross-promote news and successes. Communications vehicles include the Graduate School website, social media channels, regular enewsletters to grad students and staff, public presentations and institutional reporting.

Location and contact

100 Gerberding Hall (map →)
General inquiries: gradcomm@uw.edu
Website comments: gradcomm@uw.edu

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The advancement team aims to increase philanthropic gifts benefiting all UW graduate students. We focus on graduate education giving opportunities that transcend disciplinary boundaries and impact the entire University. Specifically, our advancement efforts focus on enhancing and supporting diversity, interdisciplinary programs, recruitment of top students and the UW Press. We also work closely with the UW Press development team to augment their efforts to generate private support for the publication of outstanding scholarly books.

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Equity & Justice in Graduate Programs

The Graduate School believes that fostering diversity and inclusion in education is a paramount responsibility as we prepare our students to be effective leaders in local and global societies.

Our support and programming is designed to help our students of color thrive while at the university and beyond.

Ralina Joseph, associate dean

Location and contact

Loew Hall (map →

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Interdisciplinary Programs

The Graduate School provides advocacy, management, and an administrative home for integrative interdisciplinary programs.

David Canfield-Budde, assistant dean for academic affairs

Additional support

We partner with faculty across multiple colleges, schools, campuses, and partner institutions to support educational activities that cut across administrative boundaries and where the diversity of faculty interests and expertise cannot easily be represented by a single chair, dean, or chancellor.

Location and contact

315 Loew Hall, Box 352191 (map →)

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Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs coordinates reviews of existing academic programs and of new graduate degree and certificate proposals for all three campuses.

Kima Cargill, associate dean for Academic Affairs & Planning

Additional support

Academic Affairs staff also review and modify graduate program policies; coordinate the activities of the Graduate School Council; provide oversight and support for the Graduate School’s interdisciplinary programs, and support new academic initiatives.

  • Program review information and schedule
  • Creating or modifying programs
  • Graduate School Council
  • Graduate School Policies & Procedures
  • Interdisciplinary Programs

Location and General Contact

307 Loew Hall (map →)

For more information on these topics, please visit our Graduate School Faculty & Staff site.


Kima Cargill 
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
kcargill@uw.edu | 206.685.0662
Assistant: Jennifer Phipps gsacad@uw.edu | 206.685.3519

Kima Cargill oversees the Office of Academic Affairs for the Graduate School. In this capacity, she chairs the Graduate School Council and works closely with excellent staff and faculty colleagues on all three campuses to conduct academic program reviews, and work with academic units to develop new graduate degrees and certificates.

Academic Affairs Staff

David Canfield-Budde
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
interdisciplinary programs; international graduate program development; graduate policy
dacan@uw.edu | 206.685.6664

David provides advocacy and oversight for the Graduate School’s interdisciplinary programs as well as engagement with the Graduate School Council around academic policy development. Focusing on collaboration with the interdisciplinary program chairs, directors and staff, David brings a deep understanding of the institution to the table to advise, support, and advocate for interdisciplinary education in the Graduate School. He also advises on international academic partnerships at the graduate level.

Chris Partridge
Director of Academic Program Review
academic program review oversight; strategic initiatives; graduate policy
chrisrp@uw.edu | 206.543.9973

Chris oversees the Academic Program Review process for undergraduate and graduate degree programs across all three campuses. His position requires expertise in organizational behavior, policy design, and implementation to support both the Dean and Associate Dean of the Graduate School on a portfolio of strategic projects. In addition, he collaborates with the Graduate School Council and academic unit leadership across the institution on various policy initiatives.

Simon Reeve-Parker

Program Operations Specialist
graduate program advisor and program administrator for the interdisciplinary Near & Middle Eastern Studies Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Urban Design & Planning Ph.D., and the Interdisciplinary Individual Ph.D.
simonrp@uw.edu | 206.543.6398

Simon works closely with faculty directors and students in the Interdisciplinary Near & Middle Eastern Studies Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Urban Design & Planning Ph.D., and Interdisciplinary Individual Ph.D. programs. He ensures all the operations that support student progress and a fulfilling experience in these programs are robust and effective. Simon coordinates and supports faculty meetings, seminars, symposia and a range of initiatives for students. Finally, he collaborates with Graduate School staff and colleagues across the UW to foster comprehensive support for these three interdisciplinary programs.

Katie Beisel Hollenbach
Curriculum Specialist
progprop@uw.edu I 206-685-3704

Katie liaises with academic units, the Graduate Council, and other stakeholders to manage the institutional review and approval of new and revised graduate academic programs across all three UW campuses. She provides guidance for proposing units on curriculum content, policies, and procedures.

Jennifer Phipps
Assistant to the Associate Deans
graduate faculty; graduate school council; student grievances; reimbursements; budget reconciliations
gsacad@uw.edu | 206.685.3519

Jennifer provides executive support for the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. She also supports logistics for Academic Program Reviews and the Graduate School Council meetings, including developing the agenda, meeting notes and maintaining the Graduate School Council’s archives. Jennifer also manages the scheduling and resolution of graduate student academic grievances and maintains updates on the Office of Academic Affairs webpage.

Ann Busche
Academic Program Review Specialist
Academic Program Reviews

Ann coordinates day-to-day logistics and communications for each academic program review. She also assists the Director of Academic Program Review and Strategy with producing official program review documentation, developing and improving process policy, and liaising with academic units regarding all phases of the academic program review process.

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Fellowships & Awards

Fellowship and Awards staff administer regional and federal fellowship and scholarship programs which require Graduate School involvement, including the application process for Fulbright and other international and research abroad programs for students and faculty, and fellowships funded by private gifts to the University.

Helene Obradovich, director

Additional support

The staff administers discretionary tuition waivers and explains and monitors policy concerning graduate student appointments. The staff also provides application support for select fellowship opportunities.

Our Staff

Helene Obradovich, Director (helene@uw.edu)

Michelle Sutton, Assistant Director (mdrapek@uw.edu)

Robyn Davis, Assistant Director (rldavis@uw.edu)

Location and contact

G-1 Communications (map →)

Staff can generally be reached 9 a.m.–5 p.m. PT, Monday–Friday

Additional Resources

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Graduate Enrollment Management Services (GEMS)

The Graduated Enrollment Management Services (GEMS) team is happy to serve you and answer your questions!

Erin Crom, director

Before contacting GEMS, we encourage you to seek out the information and advising support that helps meet your needs. Please select your status below and reach out the appropriate department/program based on your student type:

GEMS Contact

Contact the academic department for

  • Admission requirements
  • Application review processes
  • Application deadlines, and or withdrawing your application

Contact the undergraduate Office of Admissions for

  • Campus tours

Contact GEMS for

  • Application fee waivers
  • English language proficiency requirement

Contact GEMS for:

  • Degree verification
  • Pre-arrival and recieving your intial form I-20 (International students)

Contact GEMS for

  • Thesis and dissertation submission
  • Letter of certification
  • On-Leave

Contact International Student Services (ISS) for

  • Immigration advising

Contact the Office of the University Registrar for

  • Degree certification
  • Diploma issues
  • Viewing letters of recommendation

Contact Student Fiscal Services for

  • Tuition-related issues and questions

Contact GEMS for:

  • Reinstatement

Advising Appointments

Appointments are filled weekly on a first-come, first-served basis. When all appointments for the week have been filled, no additional appointment will be scheduled until the following Monday.

Appointments can be held on virtually (on Zoom) or by phone. You will be able to choose your meeting type when you make your appointment. You must have a Zoom account to log in should you select a Zoom appointment.

Appointment Hours

8:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. PT (Except for UW closures)

Schedule a GEMS Appointment

Contact Information


10 a.m.–12 p.m. and 1–4 p.m. PT, Monday–Friday*



Please provide as much detail as possible, include identifying information such as:

  • Application ID (ApplD)
  • Academic program(s)
  • Student number (if applicable)
  • UWNetlD (if applicable)
  • Screen shots as appropriate
  • Your status: prospective student, applicant or current student

Physical Address

G-1 Communications (map >>)
8:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. PT*

*hours may not be valid during UW closures for holidays or other reasons

Mailing Address

For official transcript delivery options, please see our Official Transcript Requirements page.

Standard postal service

University of Washington
Graduate Enrollment Management Services
Box 353770
Seattle, WA USA 98195-3770

Express Courier Service

University of Washington
Graduate Enrollment Management Services
G-1 Communications
4109 Stevens Way
Seattle, WA USA 98195-3770

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Office of the Dean

Appointed by the provost, the dean is the leading advocate for graduate students and graduate education at the UW.

Joy Williamson-Lott, Dean of the graduate school

Additional support

Appointed by the provost, the dean is the leading advocate for graduate students and graduate education at the UW. The dean directs the many services and resources that the Graduate School offers to support graduate students and their success, as well as the processes that guarantee the high quality of the UW’s academic programs. In collaboration with deans and faculty in schools and colleges throughout the University, the graduate dean raises money to support graduate students and programs, as well as demonstrates the significant impact that graduate education has throughout our communities.

Location and contact


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