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Office of the Ombud (Seattle)

The Office of the Ombud serves the UW community by providing high quality, client-focused services for preventing, managing, navigating and resolving conflict at the UW. We act as thought-partners with clients to assist them in navigating any issue to do with their lives at the UW. Through active participation in the problem-solving process, clients develop the ability to prevent, manage, and resolve future conflicts.

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Campus Safety (Seattle)

You have a right to live, work, study and socialize in an environment that’s free of violence and harassment. If you have concerns about your or another person’s wellbeing, these services can help.

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Gender-Based & Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources (Seattle)

This website provides victims of sexual violence with an array of resources that reflect the University’s commitment to preventing and responding to sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, relationship violence, domestic violence, stalking, and sexual harassment.

You may use these resources to get confidential support, to address safety concerns, to locate providers of medical care and counseling, and to learn how to report sexual assault.

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The U-PASS is a bus pass plus more. Loaded right onto the Husky Card, the U-PASS provides members with unlimited rides on regional buses, commuter trains, light rail and water taxis as well as discounts on vanpools, carpools and other special offers. Most students on the Seattle campus are automatically U-PASS members, while faculty and staff must opt in to the program. Students and employees not eligible for one of the standard U-PASS products may buy equivalent products from Transportation Services.

Transportation Services

Whether you are a visitor to the campus or a regular commuter, it’s easy to get to the University of Washington by bus or light rail. More than 60 bus routes serve the University District, including many that drive onto the campus itself.

Transportation Services

Graduate Student Housing

As a graduate student, your apartment living options are many and varied. You can live right next door to campus or just a short bus ride away. Our furnished and unfurnished apartments are available to students who are single, married, registered same-sex domestic partners, as well as students with families.

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Off-Campus Housing Information

Below are sites that provide off-campus rental listings for apartments and houses:

Seattle Rentals |  PadMapper |

Childcare Assistance Program (Seattle)

The Childcare Assistance Program (formerly known as Student Parent Resource Center) is designed to assist UW Seattle campus students in covering the costs of licensed childcare for their children (ages birth – 12 years old) while enrolled in an eligible program of study. This award is funded by Student & Activity fees paid by students attending the Seattle Campus.

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Student Veteran Life

Student Veteran Life is a unit founded by student veterans, for student veterans. As such, in order to build on the strength of organic and authentic community building and effectively bridge the civilian-military divide on campus, Student Veteran Life is led by a team of experienced and diverse veterans. Student Veteran Life serves a diverse community of scholars who have served their country and now want to advance their lives and education at the University of Washington.

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Veterans Education Benefits (Seattle)

Our office serves military veterans and their dependents during their time as students at the UW. The Veterans Education Benefits staff provides students with information about VA educational benefits, certifies GI Bill® benefits, and answers questions about financial aid. The Veterans Education Benefits office also has resources for students who need help making their academic pursuits as successful as possible.

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