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Money money money

I’m entering the last year of my program and my financial resources have run dry. Though I receive loans through the UW, they do not provide the income I need. What options are available to me to help bolster my income for this quarter? —Anonymous

1. Your first stop should be Graduate Funding Information Services (GFIS). They’re the go-to for all funding resources. 2. You can also search the UW job database for student positions (category: Academic Student Employee) and 3. Husky Jobs, which posts academic positions and general job advertisements. 4. If you are interested in a TA/RA/GSA position, contact the department in which you are interested directly for more information. Keep in mind that you can look for positions outside of your home department. Though most departments hire through their own student populations, other departments—particularly those that don’t have graduate students or administrative units that hire graduate staff assistants—will recruit widely for positions from relevant degree programs across campus. 5. Check the Graduate School’s Fellowships and Assistantships page. 6. Consider part-time work that’s flexible and fun to do. Graduate students often work as nannies, tutors, pet-sitters, etc. 7. Always let your department know that you are in need of help. They will know of any opportunities that might not be heavily advertised or for a very specific niche. Good luck!

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