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Cultivating Gratitude

As we near the holiday break, we express our sincere gratitude to you, grad students across the University of Washington tri-campus. As graduate students, you are an integral part of the university eco-system and beyond. You’re all working so hard to make important contributions to your families and communities, to teaching and research, and to professions and industries within and outside of academia.

We hope you take time during the break to recognize all of the small and big milestones you’ve achieved during the quarter thus far!

At this time, we also invite you to cultivate gratitude for individuals, loved ones, and communities who have encouraged you and offered you a sense of grounding in your life. This can include writing and sending a thank you message, prayer or meditation, or pausing to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings when you go for a walk. And did you know that cultivating gratitude has positive outcomes? Research shows that practicing gratitude promotes our individual, interpersonal, and community health and well-being. To whom would you like to express gratitude?

Best Regards,

Core Programs—Office of Graduate Student Affairs
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