Faculty Appointments

November 9, 2022

Graduate School Representative (GSR) Eligibility

In order to serve as a Graduate School Representative (GSR), the proposed candidate: Must be a Graduate Faculty member with an endorsement to chair (check Graduate Faculty Locator). Must be clear of any conflicts of interest (see below).  The GSR is responsible for ensuring that no such conflicts of interest, or appearance of conflicts of interest,…

November 8, 2022

Policy 4.4: Interdisciplinary Committees and Degree-Offering Groups

This policy establishes the requirements for establishing and maintaining interdisciplinary committees and degree-offering groups housed within the Graduate School.

Policy 4.3: The Graduate Program Coordinator and the Graduate Program Advisor

This policy establishes the roles and requirements for the Graduate Program Coordinator and Graduate Program Advisor.

Policy 4.2: Supervisory Committee for Graduate Students

This policy establishes the requirements for supervisory committees for graduate students.

Policy 4.1: Membership in the Graduate Faculty and Doctoral Endorsement

This policy establishes eligibility requirements and expectations for members of the Graduate Faculty.