December 29, 2022

Final Examination: Dissertation Defense

A Final Examination may be scheduled if: (a) a student passed a General Examination in a previous quarter; (b) a reading committee is officially established with the Graduate School; (c) the reading committee has read an entire draft of the dissertation and; (d) the entire supervisory committee has agreed that the student is prepared and…

If a Committee Member is Missing

A quorum of four members from the supervisory committee including the Chair, Graduate School Representative (GSR), and two additional general members must be present at a General and Final Exam (see Graduate School Policy 4.2 for details). In the event that a member of the committee should unexpectedly not attend an exam, the following procedures should be…

Instructions for Virtual Doctoral Examinations

Departments may hold General and Final Examinations virtually.  These are minimum Graduate School requirements regarding virtual doctoral examinations. Individual departments may have stricter requirements and participants should contact the departments prior to organizing virtual examinations. Graduate School Requirements As stated in Graduate School Policy 4.2, General and Final Examinations must have four committee members present –…

November 9, 2022

Graduate School Representative (GSR) Eligibility

In order to serve as a Graduate School Representative (GSR), the proposed candidate: Must be a Graduate Faculty member with an endorsement to chair (check Graduate Faculty Locator). Must be clear of any conflicts of interest (see below).  The GSR is responsible for ensuring that no such conflicts of interest, or appearance of conflicts of interest,…

November 8, 2022

Policy 4.2: Supervisory Committee for Graduate Students

This policy establishes the requirements for supervisory committees for graduate students.

November 4, 2022

Policy 1.1: Graduate Degree Requirements

This policy establishes the Graduate School requirements for all graduate degree programs.