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October 26, 2018

Moving Past Perfectionism Into Wholeness

In this newsletter, we want to continue building on ways to cope with perfectionism by adding a few more ideas and strategies in support of your health and wellness as graduate students. Consider trying these out, and see what might work for you: Feeling anxious. Often, perfectionism goes hand in hand with feeling anxious. For…

October 18, 2018

Learning to Let Go of Perfectionism in Grad School

I am a perfectionist by nature, but the professors have told us not to be that way in grad school. How do I shut it off? – Anonymous  Some of the content from this article was first published by Core Programs. It has been revised and updated.  Dear Anonymous, Thanks for writing in! I applaud your self-awareness…

May 26, 2016

Ground Yourself These Last Few Weeks of the Quarter

We see how hard you’re working.  You’re running here and there, juggling multiple responsibilities related to all aspects of who you are as a graduate or professional student.  In the midst of this spring quarter chaos, we want to offer you some tips to help ground you in these last few weeks of the quarter….

March 5, 2015

I Am Not Perfect, I Am a Whole Person

Do any of these sound familiar to you? “My paper has to be perfect, before I submit it to my advisors. They’ll think I’m stupid otherwise.” “I can’t lose my train of thought during my presentation.” “I have to run the numbers many more times, before I start my report. If I don’t, my labmates…