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Parking Woes

I went online trying to purchase a parking permit, and they were all sold out except for evening passes. Any other alternatives that are close to campus and don’t require me to leave class every 90 min to pay a meter? —Anonymous

It sounds like your best bet is to go with self-serve parking. Some options are 1) the E1 lot, north of the IMA off of Montlake, which is $2 if you carpool with someone else and have a U-PASS or $6 if you drive by yourself; 2) purchasing a daily permit each day at one of the gatehouses which is $15/day ($3/day for carpools with U-PASS); 3) using a self-serve pay machine, which, depending on the lot, costs $3/hour with a maximum of $15/day or $3/day. Other options to consider are to find a ride-share, commute by bus, or drive most of the way to a nearby park-and-ride and then catch a short bus ride to campus.

If you have any questions, Transportation Services can go through all your options more thoroughly with you. They even offer a Commute Concierge service that will tailor a commute to your individual needs. Good luck!

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