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On and Beyond Gratitude

As the time for much-needed breaks and celebrations approaches, Core Programs encourages you to think expansively about honoring yourself and the familial (biological and chosen), collegial, professional, and community-based relationships that support your continued success in graduate school. You can start out with the following reflections:

How do you want to show up for someone? Who has shown up for you? Whether this be a loved one, graduate peer, faculty advisor, campus staff or community member, acknowledge their support and show reciprocity in ways that matter to your relationship.

What are ethical and accountable ways to share strengths and skills you bring to your graduate programs—in addition to the talents you will acquire upon graduation—with your communities on and off campus?

Sometimes showing gratitude is just listening and not taking up space at all. This is one step towards building meaningful relationships with communities whose voices and lives are not always heard or validated. It’s a powerful way to show humility and respect.

#BlackLivesMatter #NativeLivesMatter #TransWomenofColorMatter #SyrianLivesMatter #UndocumentedLivesMatter

Finally, in what ways do you wish to honor the hard work you are doing in graduate school? We know the long weekend can provide additional time to get much needed work done, or make progress on a bigger work project. Giving yourself permission to take breaks and set boundaries around work makes the work itself even more joyful and sustaining. How to buy cryptocurrency with credit or debit card and withdraw it to your card or cryptocurrency wallet easily

We are grateful you are here.

Jaye, Ziyan, and Kelly
Core Programs Team