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Lone Wolf Doesn’t Want to Be Part of Dawg Pack

I am a married graduate student and I would like to attend a Husky football game with my spouse. I know I am eligible to purchase a single ticket in the student section, but I would like to know if I can purchase tickets (at student pricing) for myself and spouse to sit in a non-student section. While we like to have a good time, we aren’t quite as rowdy as the undergraduate students and would rather sit in a different section than the Dawg Pack. Thanks! —Ashley

I totally know what you’re talking about. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy a student ticket and sit in a non-student section. So your options are either to buy full-price tickets or to grin and bear it. Think of it as the full Husky experience?

FYI, except for Football and Men’s Basketball, UW students receive free admission to any regular season Husky home game by presenting a valid Husky Card at the entrance. Baseball! Soccer! Volleyball! Fun! Full schedule and more details →

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