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How Do I Get a Bus Pass?

I’m an incoming graduate student, and I’m worried about getting a bus pass set up before the fall quarter. Where do I go to do this? How do I pay for my pass? —Anonymous

Welcome to UW! The bus pass, called a U-PASS, is super simple! First of all, almost all grad students are automatically qualified for it, as the pass is paid for through your Service & Activities Fee, which appears on your tuition statement. (There are some exceptions, though, and even if you don’t pay the SAF, you can buy a U-PASS separately.) Once you have your Husky ID card, and are registered for classes, simply activate your pass by tapping your card on a card reader on any bus. You must activate by Nov. 13. Here is a much fuller description of the U-PASS. If you have any questions, contact Transportation Services. And even if you don’t ride the bus, there are a myriad other benefits that come with the U-PASS, including discounts at local merchants and membership discounts with Zipcar and car2go.

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