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January 7, 2016

Memo 16: Academic Performance and Progress

This memo articulates policies for the academic performance and progress of graduate students, including guidance on appropriate process for cases where student academic performance does not meet program expectations. For information on recommended practices around academic performance and progress, see the GPC/GPA Resources page. A. Communicating Performance and Progress Requirements A student admitted to the…

December 14, 2018

MyGrad Roadmap

The Graduate School maintains and develops MyGrad as a service for all graduate degree and certificate offering departments at Bothell, Tacoma, and Seattle campuses. This Roadmap provides a high level description and timeline of improvements that are in planning and development for MyGrad Program. Specific release dates will be identified, as they are approached. GPAs…

March 28, 2018

ETD Formatting Guidelines

After you submit your ETD, the Graduate School will review your document as part of the graduation process at the end of each quarter. We will review for information accuracy, consistency, and to ensure your ETD meets the formatting requirements described below. There are three required sections (pages) that must be included at the beginning of your…

November 13, 2017

Meet the Winners of the Grad School’s Distinguished Thesis Award

The Graduate School recognizes exceptional scholarship and research at the master’s and doctoral levels. These awards recognize a thesis and a dissertation in four categories: Biological Sciences, Humanities & Fine Arts, Mathematics, Physical Sciences & Engineering, and the Social Sciences. Meet the winners of this year’s Distinguished Thesis Award (awarded in three of the four categories).

April 20, 2017

Finding a Cultural Fit with Your Employer

It can be so exciting to get a job offer or to find a postdoc position that it can be tempting to look no further.  However, finding the right “fit” involves many dimensions beyond just the research focus. Universities, companies, governmental agencies, and non-profits each have their own cultures. Furthermore, individual departments or even specific…

March 16, 2017

Strategies to Create Learning Environments for All

The UW Office of the Provost sent an e-mail to faculty and teaching assistants outlining concrete recommendations for sustaining “vibrant classroom discussions at a time when current events have produced sharp political differences among us.”  The goal of the message was to equip all of our instructors with best practices to “establish… respectful class discussions…

February 8, 2017

Intl Student Updates: Understanding the Application Process

Types of Applicants The Graduate School accepts applications from U.S. citizens, permanent residents (green card holders), immigrants and international applicants. Undocumented individuals are eligible for admission to any graduate program at the University of Washington. Graduate School admission requirements and application procedures are the same for all applicants regardless of citizenship and visa status. See the UW non-discrimination…

July 15, 2016

IPhD Degree Requirements

Program of Study  |  Supervisory/Reading Committees  |  Annual Review  |  Exams and Dissertation  |  Additional Policies  |  Requirements Checklist Program of Study IPhD students must satisfy all Graduate School requirements in addition to individual program requirements as described in the student’s plan of study. A brief synopsis of Graduate School requirements is listed below. Please refer…

March 8, 2016

Andreas Chavez

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Wolf Biologist Education Doctoral degree in Biology, University of Washington Master’s degree in Wildlife Ecology, Utah State University Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley Career path Postdoctoral fellow at University of California, Berkeley U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, San Diego, Endangered Species Biologist U.S. Fish and Wildlife…

March 4, 2016

NME Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements and Measures of Satisfactory Progress Specific coursework and areas of concentration will be determined by the student’s interests within the framework of the degree and satisfactory progress listed below. Within 18 months of admission, demonstration of a general knowledge of history and culture in one of the following general fields: Islamic Civilization; Arabic,…

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