UW Graduate School

UW Graduate School

Grad School and UW Libraries Hold Inaugural Three Minute Thesis Competition

Before an enthusiastic audience of more than 80 people, a dozen graduate students shared their research in abbreviated and accessible talks.

Wandering and Wondering

A handful of UW students are selected as Bonderman Fellows every year. For eight months, they get to travel the world for an experience that’s eye-opening, unstructured and transformative.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Eight months of solo travel sounds like an impossible dream? Thanks to the Bonderman Travel Fellowship, it’s a reality for UW students every year. Meet this year's fellows...

Slide to Unlock

Today’s touch-screen world is leaving behind an entire segment of the population: those with motor impairments. iSchool Ph.D. candidate Martez Mott wants to change that.

How can I work more efficiently? What apps will help me best manage my to-dos? Am I sleeping enough? Learn about these things and more...

Celebrating a Year of Light Rail (and UW's Contribution...)

The UW Light Rail station has been open for just over a year. See how it's helping the UW community move around the city better and how UW alums helped to make it happen.

Core Programs: Reed's Story

Within a month of starting grad school, Reed Garber-Pearson realized that everyone was making friends. But Reed? Not so much. Then, the puppet maker discovered Core Programs. And things started to change.

UW Graduate School News

Daniel Epstein, PhD candidate, publishes first study of period-tracking apps

The study – which has been covered by The Atlantic, Bustle, and others – finds users are generally dissatisfied with the apps for their lack of accuracy, assumptions about sexual identity and partners, and emphasis on pink and flowery form over function and customization. Read more >

2 UW Graduate Students Join Lawsuit Against Travel Ban

Two Iranian graduate students — one pursuing his Ph.D. in aeronautic and astronautical engineering, as well as a master’s in applied mathematics, and one pursuing a graduate degree in international public policy — contend the executive order barring all refugees as well as citizens from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the U.S is unconstitutional and is causing them unnecessary hardships. Read more >

Irene Zhang, CSE doctoral student, is the “Geek of the Week”

“I want to make it possible to build the next generation Facebook-scale application in a few hours, not a few years.” Read more >

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