UW Graduate School

Transfer Credit

A student working toward the master’s degree may petition the Dean of the Graduate School for permission to transfer to the University of Washington the equivalent of a maximum of 6 quarter credits of graduate level course work taken at another recognized academic institution. These credits may not have been used to satisfy requirements for another degree. The petition must include a recommendation from the graduate program coordinator and an official transcript indicating completion of the course work. Transfer credits are not entered on the UW transcript.

University of Washington students who are within 6 credits of completing their undergraduate degree and who have met the requirements for admission to the Graduate School may register the quarter immediately preceding admission to Graduate School for up to 6 credits in 500-level courses in addition to the last 6 credits they require of undergraduate work. The graduate program which has admitted the student must approve registration for the courses. The student, after admission to the Graduate School, must file a petition with the Dean of the Graduate School to transfer the 6 credits. The student must also provide a letter or e-mail from the office of Graduations and Academic Records stating that these credits have not been applied toward the undergraduate degree.

Approved transfer credits are applied toward total credit count only for the master’s degree. (Transfer credits are not applicable toward a doctoral degree.) The 18 quarter credits of numerically graded course work, and 18 quarter credits of 500-level-and-above course work may not be reduced by transfer credit.

Credit taken as an undergraduate non-matriculated student or post-baccalaureate student at the University of Washington may not be transferred into a graduate program. Credit by either independent study through correspondence or advanced credit examinations is not transferable.