UW Graduate School

Memo 7: Periodic Review of Existing Degree Programs

University of Washington Executive Order 20.4 mandates the review of all degree-offering academic units on a regular basis, including the undergraduate and graduate degree programs they offer:

Reviews of all academic units including the graduate and undergraduate degree programs offered by these units are required at least every ten years and are conducted jointly by the Dean of the Graduate School and the Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs in cooperation with the relevant School or College Dean… Among the outcomes of the above reviews should be a clearer understanding of the academic unit’s:

  1. quality of instruction, research, and public service;
  2. value to students’ general education and preparation for society;
  3. role within the University and effectiveness in fulfilling that role;
  4. resource requirements;
  5. future objectives and changes necessary to achieve them.

Although academic program review is the joint responsibility of the Dean of the Graduate School and the Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, the University has designated the Graduate School’s Office of Academic Affairs and Planning for overseeing and facilitating the academic program review process.

New degree programs initially are authorized by the Board of Regents with provisional status and should be reviewed at least once every five years until they are given continuing status. The first review occurs during the fifth year of program operation, with the year of proposed program start counting as year one. The initial 10-year review occurs during the tenth year of program operation.

Issued: February, 1985; Updated: June 2010; January 2017; April 2022