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Memo 28: Master’s Degree Programs: Thesis/Non-Thesis Options and Final Examinations

Thesis and Non-Thesis Programs

Programs may include both a “thesis option” and a “non-thesis option” provided that the overall level of achievement for the degree remains the same.

The Master’s thesis should be evidence of the graduate student’s ability to carry out independent investigation and to present the results in clear and systemic form.

A thesis program must include a minimum of 9 thesis credits (700).

Thesis credits (700) will not apply to requirements for a non-thesis Master’s degree.

Final Examination

If a master’s program requires a final examination, it may be either oral or written. All members of the supervisory committee must certify examination results. If the examination is not satisfactory, the committee may recommend to the Dean of the Graduate School that the student be allowed to take another examination after a period of further study.

Revised: January 1989; June 2010; July 2015