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Academic Travel Abroad: Procedures for Graduate Students

If you are a graduate student traveling internationally for academic purposes ​you are strongly encouraged to stay enrolled at UW​ ​during your travel​. Graduate on-leave status is not appropriate for any official academic travel abroad.

This applies to any international travel related to thesis or dissertation research, internships, practicums, clinical electives, government or department sponsored fellowship programs (e.g. FLAS, Fulbright), participation in educational programs not affiliated with the UW, or employment as a TA on a UW Study Abroad Program.

You are strongly encouraged to stay enrolled at UW ​whether or not you plan to earn credit​ for your international travel. This enrollment ensures that you are entitled to the services of UW while abroad, including global travel security support. As part of this enrollment you will be required to purchase the UW Student Abroad Insurance at a daily rate of $1.72

Enrollment is through the ​Independent Learning​ program managed by UW Study Abroad.

You have​ two enrollment options​:

1. You can enroll for ​any number of credits you need (at least one)​ for a fee of $450 per quarter. If you choose this Independent Learning option a placeholder (FSTDY 300) will appear on your transcript during the quarters you are abroad. After your return this placeholder will convert to the credit you expect to receive from your department (e.g. independent study, thesis credit, internship credit etc.)

2. You can enroll for ​zero credits of Independent Learning​ for a fee of $250 per quarter. This option is appropriate if you do not require credit or are not looking to earn credit. If you choose this option the course FSTDY 555 will appear on your transcript during the quarters you are abroad. After completion of your travel 0 credits of FSTDY 555 and a grade of ‘CR’ (‘credit’) will remain on your transcript.

As a graduate student you can enroll in Independent Learning for ​up to four quarters​. You can extend this initial period if you have written approval from your home department.

Application deadlines​ for enrolling in Independent Learning:

  • Autumn Quarter – July 15
  • Winter Quarter – November 1
  • Spring Quarter – February 1
  • Summer Quarter – April 15[Link to UW Study Abroad Independent Learning Program – includes additional details about the application and approval process]

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