UW Graduate School

Transfer Credit

Coursework credits may not be transferred or applied towards a University of Washington (UW) doctoral degree.

Exception to policy:

Qualified doctoral students accompanying a new UW faculty hire may apply credits from a previous, regionally accredited college or university in the U.S., or its equivalent from a foreign institution, toward UW doctoral degree requirements. These credits are not cited on the UW transcript.

Additionally, only the following UW Graduate School doctoral degree requirements may be waived if appropriate:

  • 18 credits of 500-level and above coursework
  • 18 numerically graded credits of 400- and 500-level coursework
  • total credits required for the doctoral degree (total credits will be reduced by the number of approved transfer credits)

Note: Prior to extending an offer of admission, the graduate program is required to request pre-approval from the GEMS Director for the above exceptions. It is a best practice to consult the Graduate School regarding students accompanying new faculty hires prior to students submitting UW applications of admission.

Revised: March 5, 2021