Diversity Fellowships

Diversity Fellowships & Awards

The Graduate School and GSEE are committed to supporting underrepresented students throughout every aspect of graduate education, including academic, financial, professional, and social support. We work with various partners to ensure graduate students admitted to the University of Washington are given ample opportunity to succeed.

GSEE encourages the nomination of underrepresented graduate students with strong academic achievement in the face of social, economic, and/or educational disadvantages.

Below, you will find a list of GSEE Fellowships and Awards. Please click the links for more information about application or nomination processes. For more detailed information on other Graduate School awards, visit our list of fellowships.

– Doctoral Students Only | – Individual Student Application Required | – Currently Open on MyGrad

Please note:

  • GSEE funding is allocated mostly based on departmental nominations. Please contact your department’s Graduate Program Advisor (GPA) for more information on the nomination process and for additional departmental funding opportunities.
  • Due to the state-based funding GSEE receives, students in fee-based programs are only eligible to be nominated for the GSEE Graduate Supplemental Awards. They can also individually apply for the Latinx Scholars Graduate School Fellowship if they meet eligibility requirements. To check if you were admitted or are enrolled in a fee-based program, please contact your department or review the Fee-Based Degree Programs List.
  • DACAmented students are eligible for GSEE funding opportunities. Undocumented students (without DACA status) are eligible for the GSEE Graduate Supplemental Award, GSEE Graduate Tuition Award, and Latinx Scholars Graduate School Fellowship. If you are DACAmented or undocumented and would like more information, please connect with GSEE (gomap@uw.edu).
  • International students and students enrolled in professional programs (School of Dentistry, School of Law, School of Medicine, and School of Pharmacy) are ineligible for GSEE funding.