Mentor Memos

What’s the best way to pick a lab? How can you manage a large writing project? How do you work the crowd at a cocktail party with confidence and ease? These topics — and many others — are not necessarily covered in a graduate student’s coursework. But knowing how to manage time, the best way to negotiate a salary and how to turn a dissertation into a book can be invaluable to a successful education and career.

The UW Graduate School offers a series of Mentor Memos — penned by UW faculty and staff — that cover these topics, and much more. The memos often complement a slate of professional development workshops offered by the Graduate School’s Core Programs office throughout the year.

Writing and Editing

Presentation Skills


Other Research Resources


Additionally, the UW’s Center for Teaching and Learning provides resources and consultation to help you with your teaching responsibilities.

Career Exploration

Job-Seeking Skills