International Graduate Student Advisory Board

The International Graduate Student Advisory Board (IGSAB) was started in fall 2017 to inform Core Programs’ International Graduate Student Initiative, including resource sharing, event planning, advising and consultation. Core Programs is dedicated to serving international graduate students on campus through tailored professional development events and connections to community and campus resources. Through working with IGSAB, our team is able to better address the needs of international graduate students. Members of IGSAB can grow their leadership, management, and networking skills through different levels of involvement.

IGSAB has three working groups: communication, event planning, and research and policy.

  1. Communication: Providing design and content feedback on website and messaging.
  2. Event Planning: Providing ideas for quarterly event planning and volunteering at the events.
  3. Research and Policy: Generating research ideas through international graduate students’ experiences, informing policy, and writing grant proposals to support activities.

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Current Members (2018–19):

  • Ana Chkheidze, Public Policy, Master’s
  • HJ Kim, Biology, Doctoral
  • Matthew Adeiza, Communication, Doctoral
  • Xiangyang Guan, Civil Engineering, Postdoc
  • Yue Shi, Biology, Doctoral
  • Roxana Chiappa, Education, Doctoral
  • Carolina Nieto Ruiz, Communication, Doctoral
  • Xiao Shi, Urban Design and Planning, Doctoral
  • Fatima A. Davila H., Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute, Doctoral
  • Hwayoung Chae, Health Sciences, Master’s
  • Vedavati Patwardhan, Public Policy and Governance, Doctoral
  • Murphy Zhang, Information Systems, Master’s

Emeritus Members (2017–18):

  • HJ Kim, Biology, Doctoral
  • Miyase Katircioglu, Social Work, Master’s
  • Hyunggu Jung, Medical Informatics, Doctoral
  • Matthew Adeiza, Communication, Doctoral
  • Sid Parekar, Business, Master’s
  • Xiangyang Guan, Civil Engineering, Doctoral
  • Yue Shi, Biology, Doctoral
  • Roxana Chiappa, Education, Doctoral
  • Duankun Lee, Lab Medicine, Master’s
  • Jodie Zhou, Law, Master’s
  • Carolina Nieto Ruiz, Communication,Doctoral
  • Chen-Yu Ma, Public Health, Master’s
  • Praveen Sekar, Mechanical Engineering, Doctoral
  • Lemmy Lim, Law, Master’s
  • Luiz Oliveira, Chemical Engineering, Postdoctoral