For Students and Post-Docs

From entering first-year graduate students through post-doctoral fellow, students are why we’re here. The Graduate School provides resources to help students navigate the complex process of completing a graduate education. That help can come in the form of the very practical like answering questions about degree progress or providing information on submitting a thesis or dissertation, but we also see it as our responsibility to help students through difficult transitions and to become educated in the things they need to know beyond the classroom.

Graduate Student Affairs

Graduate Student Affairs supports your individual, unique journey through graduate school by offering online resources, workshops and events that recognize you on interpersonal, intellectual, and professional levels.

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs can help UW postdocs find the resources they need to complete a successful fellowship and be prepared for their next steps.

Policies & Procedures

The Graduate School maintains a set of policies that define and govern the terms under which graduate students pursue and successfully complete their degrees. These policies are updated from time to time, as necessary; please review the most recent policy or policies. If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate School at 206.543.5900

Degree Progress and Completion

Graduate Enrollment Management Services (GEMS) handles every part of your degree progress from admission through graduation. This website offers much of the information you will need, but if you find that you have questions about requirements, leave status, degree completion, and more, and you can’t find it here, you can contact GEMS at 206.685.2630 or