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Site Visit Planning Resources

Coordinating a successful site visit is a cornerstone of an academic program review. The Office of Academic Affairs and Planning (OAAP) is eager to partner with you to plan a rewarding site visit. The following information and resources will help your unit draft a strong site visit agenda and prepare for your upcoming site visit.

Steps for Building Site Visit Agenda

  1. Unit provides draft site visit agenda with self-study, including meeting location(s)
  2. OAAP and review committee provide feedback
  3. Unit revises agenda and schedules participants
  4. Site visit agenda is finalized at least two weeks before site visit

Site Visit Agenda Resources

Preparing and Hosting the Site Visit

Office of Academic Affairs & Planning Responsibilities

  • Serve as a liaison between committee and unit
  • Pay all review-related expenses
  • Order Bay Laurel coffee service for site visit
    • Orders will be shared with academic unit
  • Order review committee lunches
    • Orders will be shared with academic unit
  • Arrange review committee dinners
  • Manage the program review website

Academic Unit Responsibilities

  • Develop agenda and schedule participants
  • Secure conference room(s)
  • Invite students
  • Respond to Review Committee requests
  • Designate a staff liaison “on call” during site visit to:
    • Receive coffee and lunch deliveries
    • Answer review committee questions
  • Prepare and clean-up site visit venue(s)

Graduate School Program Review Contacts

Becky Corriell
Director, Academic Program Review & Strategy
bfran3@uw.edu | 206.685.5428

Layla Tavassoli
Academic Program Review Specialist ltavas@uw.edu | 206.221.3628