MyGrad Version History

Version 12 Release February 1, 2021

  • User Interface upgrade for creating and editing student committees
  • Non-UW affiliated committee members are now issued UW NetID creation requests upon being added to a committee.

Version 11.9 Release November 16, 2020

  • New interface for letters of recommendation. Improved accessibility and access to view the letter post submission.
  • Middle name option for applicants to indicate their legal middle name when submitting an application.
  • Upload option for the medium of instruction letter, for applicants who indicate they will fulfill English Proficiency this way.

Non-Version Release November 4, 2020

  • Eritrea added as a prior school option for applicants.
  • New petition type “Grad School Use Only”, used when Graduate School is exempting an applicant from submitting official transcripts.
  • Added export option to Awards Requests
  • Added student number to Award Summary
  • Bugs resolved in release.
    • Award request submission blocked due to inactive items being expected fixed.
    • Award student email formatting incorrectly resolved.

Non-Version Release October 12, 2020

  • Department application fee payment switched to budget number.
  • New official transcript status for waived.
  • New petition type “Grad School Use Only”, used when Graduate School is exempting an applicant from submitting official transcripts.

Non-Version Release June 22, 2020

  • Applicant official test score display updated to show date test was taken instead of the date received by UW.
  • Updated database processing for ethnicity information to remove processing errors.

Non-Version Release June 22, 2020

  • Applicant official test score display updated to show date test was taken instead of the date received by UW.
  • Updated database processing for ethnicity information to remove processing errors.

Non-Version Release June 17, 2020

  • Distribution details tab added for all Awardees.
  • Bugs resolved in release.
    • Award summary failing to load
    • Updated award display date filters

Non-Version Release June 8, 2020

  • New Admissions Material option for Executive Assessment test added.
  • New logo, header and footer added to Application for Admission.

Non-Version Release May 25, 2020

  • Increase department comment field length on all degree requests.
  • Made comments on doctoral exam requests visible to students.
  • Made comments on doctoral exam requests visible to GPAs after approving the date and time.

Non-Version Release May 18, 2020

  • Updated Awards recommendation letter e-mail template to include award deadline.
  • Added FERPA agreement for committee member log in.
  • Awards added functionality to switch between award and request views for an award.
  • Award recipient email address added to screens.

Non-Version Release April 1, 2020

  • Added information release notification to doctoral student exam requests.
  • Added ability to select a different degree audit for advising.
  • Moved collection of Social Security Number for those submitting a fee waiver to after the waiver is approved.
  • Renamed petition for counting 6 credits from undergraduate work toward Master’s degree.
  • Added last log in date for users to be visible to departments.

Version 11.8 – March 2, 2020

  • Added online dissertation approval to MyGrad.
  • Change MyGrad Faculty to MyGrad Committee.
  • Non-faculty reading committee members now required to have a NetID.
  • Display dissertation approval status to students, GPAs, and committee members.
  • Added email notifications to student when committee member approves dissertation.
  • Funding Information page updated to better align with information entered in workday. Graduate School awards approved now automatically appear on the page.

Non-Version Release February 3, 2020

  • Graduate Faculty 5 year appointment expired email, added appointing department and the person who processed the expiration to the email sent.
  • Bugs resolved in release.
    • Ph.C. Granted list page loading issue resolved.

Non-Version Release January 6, 2020

  • Application for Admission updated list of schools to select for prior schools attended.
  • Updated message for MyGrad login errors.
  • Bugs resolved in release.
    • HTML appearing in Award emails resolved.
    • MyGrad Authoriation user lookup fixed.
    • Invalid credit card not properly erroring when department paying application fee fixed.
    • Students able to see awards they did not initiate, fixed.
    • Updated wording when GEMS withdraws a leave request to show as withdrawn.

Version 11.7 – December 9, 2019

  • Those users accessing MyGrad for Admissions Review, now directed immediately to the Admissions Review section and have no access to any other pages.
  • Added last login tracking to know when users were last logging in and ensure accounts begin to be removed when user is inactive.
  • Updated wording for the Application Fee Waiver request in the Application for Admission.

Version 11.6 – November 12, 2019

  • Degrees Granted, now exportable to excel. Thesis and Dissertation titles added, PhD student chairs added.
  • Person Search updated to search by preferred, legal, and former name. Preferred name appears first, with legal and former indicated below. Former name only included for applicants.
  • Application fee receipt now available in the application for admission.

Non-Version Release – October 28, 2019

  • Parent/Gaurdian Enducation level, now available in EDW for Graduate Applications.
  • Awardee Comments now available
  • Awardee List submit date added.
  • Awardee list now displays Organization where appropriate.
  • Improved steps on Application for Admission, verifying information step to make it clearer to applicants.
  • Applicant name prompt now allows a total of 45 characters combined name length, and up to 45 characters per name field.
  • Bug resolved in release.
    • On-Leave list name column now sortable.

Version 11.5 – October 15, 2019

  • Security upgrade to Shibboleth 3.
  • New Student List by Quarter (Beta).
  • I-20 type and transfer date added to Applicant Detail display.
  • Bugs resolved in release.
    • Award request and submit date in PDF incorrect.

Version 11.4 – September 18, 2019

  • User Interface updated for most of Student section in MyGrad.
  • Added submitted date to Awards Request list.
  • Added deleted to award status options.
  • Graduate School staff can create a PDF of all award information for an award.
  • I-20 request type and transfer date added to information for J-1 and F-1 requesting students.
  • I-20 status for “department conacted, additional information required” added.
  • Application step added for applicants to verify key identification information is correct on their application.
  • Soft-deadline applciations now prevented from being started or submitted.
    • Deadline to start an application is the 5th day of the quarter.
    • Deadline to submit an application is the 7th day of the quarter.
  • Nonnative English speakers, now .
  • Bugs resolved in release.
    • Ability to save changes to Graduate Faculty detail fixed.
    • Authorization request enterd with email address instead of NetID fixed.

Non-Versioned Release – July 29, 2019

  • Students and Departments can now cancel award requests.
  • Cancelled award requests will not be listed for users.
  • Graduate School staff can now mark when Award allocations are complete.
  • Notification added that award materials cannot be uploaded after submitting a request.
  • Bugs resolved in release
    • Recipient of an award can now upload requested materials
    • Person search now appears when using Internet Explorer as browser

Non-Versioned Release – June 3, 2019

  • Server upgrade to Azure.

Version 11.3 – January 22, 2019

  • New task item for leave requests that have been approved, but are unpaid.
  • New Person Search feature, that searches all Applicant and Student records (access based upon department and roles).
  • Bugs resolved in release
    • Award recommendation letters loading slowly resolved
    • Date requests for Conference Travel updated to ensure date is entered

Non-Versioned Release – December 19, 2018

  • Admissions petition, new status for GEMS processing. This will display when GEMS is working on an admissions petition.

Version 11.2 – October 29, 2018

  • Department scholarly merit based pre payment options for application of admission
    • New help files and video tutorials
  • Admissions material order moved in Admissions Review
  • Bugs resolved in release
    • Blocked Supervisory Committees from having duplicates created
    • Updated committee membership status display for faculty
    • Updated link in Reisntatement Request to the Eligibility info
    • Educational Specialist degree request status updating correctly

Version 11.1 – September  19, 2018

  • Preferred name, personal pronouns, and fullfillment of English preficiency added to the application for admission
  • Access for departments to manage Graduate Faculty appointments
    • Removal
    • New nomination by exception option
    • New help files and video tutorials

Version 11 – May 14, 2018

  • Awards Management.
  • GSFEI set to read only, no longer accepting new requests.
  • New Reports section, gives links to key reports in MGP and the B.I. Portal.

Version 10.7 – July 17, 2017

  • New user interface for View Faculty section.
  • Student Grad Appointments updated to display more detail.
  • Student Payment History page removed.
  • Database changes to use Workday sourced information.

Version 10.6 – June 26, 2017

  • MGP authorization request form
  • Managing MGP authorization approvals and access given to department users.
  • New user interface for administrative section.
  • Use agreement service implemented for all users logging into MGP for the first time.
  • Exit survey for Masters, Ed Specialist, and Practice Doctorate students moved from the degree request to when the degree is awarded.

Version 10.5 – March 20, 2017

  • Preferred Name now incorporated into student name field
  • Legal name displays on Student Detail page, graduation requests, warrants
  • When searching for student name, both preferred and legal names are searched
  • View Student list, columns added for legal name, major, and full degree code
  • Start Your Electronic Thesis/Dissertation (ETD) Process page for students deprecated
  • Applicant instructions clarified for NetID establishment
  • Exception page updated

Version 10.4 – September 7, 2016

  • Reinstatement updated to allow more than one request
  • Added option for departments to withdraw a reinstatement request
  • Application question added for parent/guardian level of education
  • IELTS test dropped as English Language Test option
  • Application updated for Enrollement Confirmation System
  • NetID establishment changed to once application is submitted
  • New Applicant list templates added “Applicants Offered Admission – SYSTEM” and “Applications With Paid ECD – SYSTEM”
  • ECD payment date added to appear on Applicant Detail
  • Web Service with UW-IT implemented for Enrollment Confirmation System notification

Version 10.3 – November 17, 2015

  • Requests now use the transcript service to know if a student is registered or not. Updated the way the quarter and year we are in is determined. More detailed error messages shown to students
  • Decline survey link added to the status page after an applicant has declined their offer
  • DSOs for all 3 campuses given separate visa processing task items using a campus specific role in the contacts database
  • Funding Page, this has been updated to reflect the changes based upon department and DSO feedback
  • Applications with only a last name will now be accessible in MGP
  • The Supplemental Application application item now validates for integer or text in the response fields

Version 10.2 – October 27, 2015

  • Added functionality for departments to customize the denial email for each program
  • Added functionality to support large Portfolios, audio files, and video files within the application for admission. Available only to pilot group
  • Updated wording to application prompts
  • Specified visa types
  • Update Gender identification (from Sex (optional) to Gender (optional))
  • Added option to Report Prior Schools to indicate no degree earned
  • Updated English Proficiency test options
  • IELTS test score reporting updated to ask for E-TRF number
  • First name and last name prompts updated for DHS compliance
  • Updated Employee Exemption question
  • Updated language on Application log-in screen

Version 10.1 – April 13, 2015

  • New version of petition history and creation
  • Added ability for exceptions to be processed
  • Added link to Degree Audit from Student Detail

Version 10.0 – December 9, 2014

  • Export Graduate School Exit Survey data, including student comments
  • New filter capabilities on student list
  • New versions of student list, student transcript, and graduate service appointments incorporating revised common MGP style guidelines

Version 9.9 – August 20, 2014

  • Added ability to extract Accept Offer Survey data
  • Added ability to extract revised Decline Offer Survey data
  • Enhanced version of I20 review list for Graduate School staff

Version 9.8 – July 22, 2014

  • Added capability to change student’s degree coding immediately in the SDB. Petitions no longer required for most changes.
  • Rebuilt advisor and committee management system

Version 9.7 – January 9, 2014

  • Connected audit from Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) to requests for master’s degree, doctoral general exam, and doctoral final exam
  • Display new Graduate School contingency statements in request system for master’s degree, doctoral general exam, and doctoral final exam
  • Display new Graduate School contingency statements on warrants
  • Removed text on warrant for doctoral final exam about approval of dissertation

Version 9.6 – September 3, 2013

  • GNM Application Deadlines added to MGP Unit Profile
  • Veterans Question added to application and Applicant detail page
  • Clarification text on application for Tuition Exemption Eligibility
  • Clearer application instruction for Undocumented Students
  • Removed degree verification for Visiting Graduate Students
  • Limited access to previous Quarter and Year applications in MGP Applicant List
  • Decline Offer Survey Results in MGP extract

Version 9.5 – October 1, 2012

  • New student list: can choose columns to display
  • New student list: can filter by expanding “Choose rows to display” or by entering criteria above each column heading
  • New student list: can group by a column with sub-totals/totals by dragging the column heading to designated area
  • New student list: can move a column by dragging its heading to another location
  • New student list: can export list to Excel by clicking on Excel export icon on right of page
  • New student list: many new columns of information such as GSFEI awards for student
  • New student detail: can open a MyPlan that a student has established and shared. Can see if plan was started but not shared.
  • New student detail: student’s photo is displayed if available
  • Grad appointments payment history table can be sorted by column heading
  • Can designate up to two faculty or non-faculty advisors per student
  • Can designate master’s committees subject to Graduate School policy on membership
  • Students are able to see advisor info when using the student view of MGP if advisor has been entered
  • Faculty are able to see where they have been designated as advisor, and master’s committee membership in the MGP faculty view
  • Added support for entering master’s committees
  • New advisors and committees page where advisor and committees can be managed per degree per student

Version 9 – June 26, 2012

  • Departments can assign faculty, staff, students and others to review online applications.
  • Added the ability to create and manage score sheets for online review.
  • Users can now score applications with notes for online review based on criteria selected on dynamically created score sheets.
  • A ranked list of applicants is now available based on scores generated in an online review.
  • New filtering capabilities available on the track applications and review applications pages.
  • Departments can now mark application review ready, if not all materials have been received.

Version 8 – December 12, 2011

  • Changed to allow departments to immediately convey offers – Grad School no longer reviews applications prior to official offer notification.
  • Departments can now optionally enter and manage an offer email template in the unit profile. If an offer template is present applicants will get offer emails as soon as departments convey offers in MGP.
  • International applicants are no longer placed on hold when departments convey offers.
  • Departments can designate expected admission decision dates in the unit profile. If decision dates are present, applicants will see them on the application status page.
  • Departments now designate one or more degrees for Graduate School to verify when conveying offers in MGP.
  • Applicants can now accept or decline offers by returning to the application status page. Acceptance status is shown in the applicant list and applicant detail pages of MGP. Departments can sort the applicant list by acceptance status.
  • International applicants can upload visa documents to the application status page as soon as an offer is conveyed. The Graduate School will process visas as soon as applicants upload required materials.
  • Applicants who decline offers can complete a surevey. Survey results are available in MGP.
  • Low GPA and academic english requirements are highlighted in MGP.

Version 7 – October 15, 2011

  • Graduate Student leave requests are now processed through MGP following the new policy approved by the UW Regents. students apply for leave using the Student View of MGP and departments approve requests in MGP. The International Services Office also uses MGP to approve leave requests for students on temporary visas. Students pay for on-line for approved leave using the Student View. The Graduate School does not approve leave requests.
  • Graduate programs can now designate custom supplemental application forms in the unit profile. Applicant responses are available in the applicant detail and review sections of MGP and response data can be extracted from the app-extract page of MGP.

Version 6.5 October 1, 2010

  • Added ability for programs to use unit profiles to designate prompt text for recommendations and various other improvements to the admissions recommendations system.
  • Added instructions and links for offered applicants to get UW NetIDs.
  • Increased application fee.
  • Added native english speaker question to application.
  • Various enhancement for Graduate Admisisons to track and process applications.

Version 6.1 – June 3, 2009

  • Added option to display prior degree schools and selected test scores on the applicant list (app-list). Use app-list-select to choose these options.

Version 6 – April 16, 2009

  • Added capability for students to submit Ph.D. general and final exam requests.
  • Added capability for departments and Graduate School to review and approve Ph.D. general and final exam requests.
  • Added ability for Graduate School to confer doctoral candidacy and doctoral degrees.
  • Added faculty portal to allow faculty to log-in and review committee and print GSR reports.
  • Added list of Ph.C. certificates awarded by year and quarter.

Version 5.2 – January 22, 2009

  • Added support in GSFEI section to handle Graduate Opportunity Program (GOP) requests and awards.
  • Added support in GSFEI section to handle GSEE Tuition Award requests and awards.
  • Added support in GSFEI section to handle General Tuition Waiver requests and awards.

Version 5.1 – June 30, 2008

  • Added page to display awarded master’s and doctoral degrees which can be filtered by year, quarter, and degree level. The degree list also displays the total number of academic quarters to degree for each student (with a link to the student’s transcript) and a summary average time to degree at the end of the list.
  • The application tracking page (app-detail-track) was enhanced to provide for designating the receipt date in the department of individual paper transcripts. The page also allows the departmental user to upload a scanned image of the official transcript on behalf of the applicant to create a more complete online review file.
  • Added major to the display of the “all applicants email” page (allApplicants).
  • Added major to the drop-down list used to filter the applicant list by degree codes (app-list-select).
  • MGP now changes the admission profile (gradprogid) whenever the major/degree codes are changed by departmental or Graduate Admissions staff.

Version 5 – October 9, 2007

  • Admissions section was revised to conform to new application for graduate and GNM admission. Added areas of interest which can selected for the applicant list. Provided ability to view uploaded application materials, such as statement of purpose, writing sample, etc. Added capability to record receipt of individual application materials. Created admission profiles for managing admission requirements, materials, and other information.

Version 4.2 – July, 19, 2007

  • Unit Profile was added to allow authorized departmental users to manage their departmental information that is used in the Graduate School application for graduate admission, the Student View of MyGradProgram, and the Graduate School’s public Web site. At this time, only the Admission Profile is available. It is used to manage information visible to the public at , and within the online application. Departments use the Admission Profiles to participate in new optional features of the online application.

Version 4.1 – October 19, 2006

  • Features to manage online recommendations, including ability to extract recommendation status data. Online recommendations are optional by program, and not all programs are participating.
  • Forms for entering and validating departmental data for the faculty and program sections of the National Research Council (NRC) Assessment of Doctorate Research Programs. Not all UW doctoral programs are participating in the study and these features in MyGradProgram may be removed after the study data is finalized.

Version 4.0 – May 22, 2006

  • Major revision to “View Faculty” section. Added online Graduate Faculty nomination and renewal process. Provided ability for authorized departmental users to edit Graduate Faculty information, including specialization, COS and other web links. Changes to data are reflected immediately in the Graduate Faculty Locator. Graduate Faculty appointment data is now derived directly from the UW Payroll system with updates each pay-cycle.
  • The Graduate Student List (stu-list) can now be filtered by ethnicity (stu-list-filter).
  • A unit directory listing active, primary chairs/directors, graduate program coordinators, and graduate program assistants was added to the “View Admin” section.

Version 3.7 – October 12, 2005

  • Changed applicant section to remove display of full social security number and birth date. In some cases (i.e. app-detail), the last four digits of the social security number and month and day of birth date are still visible for identification purposes. In other cases (i.e. app-extract), these fields have been removed entirely. These represent some of the steps that have been taken to ensure the information security of applicant data.
  • Added support in the applicant section to view online recommendations and the status of recommendations. This option only works for the twelve programs participating in the pilot program this year. For the pilot programs, this option is visible as a link from the applicant detail page (app-detail).
  • Added ability to view the template text of system generated email messages. See “View Email Templates” link on the main page (main).

Version 3.6 – January 30, 2005

  • Changed procedures for doctoral committee appointments according to policy change regarding role and appointment of Graduate School Representative (GSR). MGP now allows authorized departmental users to select a GSR, subject to Graduate School criteria. When selecting a faculty member for the committee, MGP will now disable the GSR member type field if the faculty member does not meet the criteria for selection as a GSR. When departments submit committees with their GSR selection they will immediately become active and emails will be sent to all members including the GSR. The Graduate School no longer needs to manually approve the GSR and activate the committee.

Version 3.5 – October 1, 2004

The major additions for version 3.5 include provisions for processing master’s degrees and petitions online. A new version of the student view of MyGradProgram, released at the same time, allows students to submit master’s requests and petitions online and to perform an online audit of Graduate School degree requirements. For the first time in MGP, some links will open separate browser windows. These child windows can be differentiated by the presence of a “close window” link in the header.


  • The master’s request status page (mast-request) has been substantially enhanced to include more information and the list can now be filtered by request status. This allows, for example, viewing lists of students who graduated in a particular quarter.
  • The main page (main) has two new task lists; one for master’s requests awaiting departmental action and another for student petitions awaiting departmental action. Each task list is only visible to those who have the appropriate authorization roles for conveying degree recommendations and petition recommendations, respectively.
  • A set of pages have been added for use in reviewing master’s degree requests. A recommendation list (mast-dept-recommend-list) and a recommendation detail page (mast-dept-recommend) provide for making preliminary decisions and recommendations to the Graduate School in a fashion similar to graduate admissions decisions in MGP. Departmental users can select course contingencies from the student’s transcript and current enrollment. Departments can store information about departmental contingencies and other notes which are visible to the student and the Graduate School. The Graduate School can also make notes that are visible to students and the departments. Master’s warrants can be printed for a student at a time, or for an entire batch of students from the list page. A number of new pages are accessible from the mast-dept-recommend page including, printing warrants, running the Graduate School degree audit, viewing the student’s transcript, and viewing petitions submitted by the student. Departments can also send an advisory emails to students concerning departmental contingencies for the master’s degree.
  • The student detail page (stu-detail) includes a number of the new pages also referenced by the master’s recommendation page (mast-dept-recommend). These include viewing the transcript, petitions, master’s requests, and transactions.
  • Detailed transactions are now recorded for activities relating to the master’s degree process and petitions. Departments can view transactions from the student detail page and the master’s recommendation page. Students can also view transactions from the student view of MGP.
  • Departments can act on student petitions by using the task list on the main page, which links to a new list of petitions awaiting action (petition-dept-recommend-list). They can convey their recommendations to the Graduate School using the petition-dept-recommend page and can attach notes which will be visible by the student and the Graduate School. The Graduate School can also attach notes, visible by the student and the student’s department.
  • Automatic emails are sent to students at each appropriate decision milestone for both master’s requests and petitions.
  • In addition to the automatic email messages sent, students can check on the status of their master’s request or petition by going to the MyGrad Student View page.

Version 3.1 – December 20, 2003

Version 3.1 changes the default applicant denial notification to use automated e-mail, provides for review and recommendation of concurrent applications, provides a new master’s degree request page, and adds support for the submission of second year Top Scholar Awards in the Graduate School Fund for Excellence and Innovation (GSFEI) section.


  • If departments elect to have Graduate Admissions (MGP) notify denied applicants an automated e-mail will be sent instead of the printed letter from Graduate Admissions. Although departments can elect, on a batch basis or per individual application, to have the automated e-mail sent, there is no option to have Graduate Admissions send a printed letter instead of an e-mail. If the department would like a printed letter sent, they must do it themselves. The e-mail message will be delivered as soon as the authorized departmental user conveys admissions decisions to Graduate Admissions using MGP. An alert message will inform the user that e-mails will immediately be sent.
  • The APP-LIST page has been modified to show Visiting Grad, SPS, and concurrent applications by displaying the “other” program in the majors section.
  • The the departmental recommendation pages now support departmental recommendations of Visiting Grad, SPS, and concurrent applications. In the case of grad/grad concurrent, the program will automatically coordinate some actions between the two programs and will notify Graduate Admissions when central coordination is needed. Additional documentation on how concurrents are handled in MGP is available from Graduate Admissions.


  • A new page, STU-MAST-REQUEST has been added to display information regarding student requests for the master’s degree. Users can select the quarter and year of the request and will see limited request status information (whether the degree was granted, etc.). This page will be replaced by a much more comprehensive master’s degree processing section that will allow for online master’s warrants by Autumn 2004.


  • Departments can now renew and request changes for the second biennium year award proposals for the Top Scholar Award (TSA) program.

Version 3.0 – November 6, 2003

This version adds substantial capabilities in the admissions and GSFEI sections, and minor changes in the student section.


  • Departments can convey applicant’s decisions to decline offers either through their standard recommendation list (app-dept-recommend-list) for pre-offer applications or through a new page (app-dept-decline-list) for post-offer declines.
  • Departments can request the Graduate Admissions compute GPAs for international applications either by so designating on the applicant detail update (app-detail-update) or requesting computed GPAs for a batch of applications (app-dept-gpa-list).
  • The following “preliminary recommendation” types have been added to the recommendation page (app-dept-recommend): withdraw, offer declined, alternate, incomplete, and undecided. Of these only withdraw and offer declined can be officially conveyed to Graduate Admissions. The other types are for departmental use only and are never seen in Graduate Admissions.
  • Departments can now convey “withdraw” recommendations to remove applications from their recommendation lists (app-dept-recommend).
  • The recommendation list (app-dept-recommend-list) now has sort able column headings.
  • When a user clicks on the recommendation list (app-recommend-list) and returns to the list, they are returned to the same place on the list rather than the top of the page.
  • Create quarter/year and application submission data range criteria for application data extracts (app-extract). Filtering criteria is no longer derived from the applicant list criteria.
  • Display information about concurrent, Visiting Grad, and SPS status in applicant list (app-list).
  • Departmental admissions decisions for Visiting Grad and SPS applications can now be done using the recommendation list (app-dept-recommend-list).
  • Display computed GPA instead of self-reported in applicant list (app-list). Also display departmental GPA request date if GPA not yet computed by Graduate Admissions.
  • Consolidated “choose records to display” and “choose columns to display” pages into one (app-list-select) for application list. Add selection options.
  • Added year and quarter time range for application selection list that operates independently of templates (app-list).
  • Add support for system and user defined application selection templates in application list (app-list). Named user defined templates can be named and used later by that person.
  • Petition page (app-petition) text boxes re-size dynamically to fit text.
  • Super users (Graduate Admissions) only – Display applicant last name first in funding information page (app-funding) to make consistent with other lists.
  • Super users (Graduate Admissions) only – review requested GPAs and compute, create list to review and process holds.

Graduate School Fund for Excellence and Innovation (GSFEI)

  • Departments can convey student travel requests and check the status of travel requests.
  • Departments can convey honoraria requests and check status of honoraria requests.


  • The student’s current local and permanent addresses are now visible on the student detail page (stu-detail). Phone numbers and hyper-linked e-mail addresses are also visible.

Version 2.5 – January 23, 2003

This version adds the means for departments to convey admissions decisions to Graduate Admissions via MyGradProgram.

  • Added “task items” to main page (main) indicating number of admissions decisions to convey to Graduate Admissions with link.
  • Added “Dept offer” and “Dept defer” to applicant list (app-list) and applicant detail (app-detail) indicating that department has conveyed a recommendation, but Graduate Admissions has not yet evaluated the application.
  • Added ability to change first major and computed GPA in application detail update page (app-detail-update).
  • Added department recommendation list page (app-dept-recommend-list) displaying all received applications that have not yet had decisions conveyed to Graduate Admissions and to submit batches of decisions to Graduate Admissions.
  • Added department recommendation page (app-dept-recommend) to designate preliminary recommendations.
  • Added department recommendation confirmation page (app-dept-recommend-list-confirm) to confirm conveying a batch of decisions to Graduate Admissions. This page can be printed for verification purposes.
  • Added application funding page (app-funding) to enter funding details for international applicants and those offered ARCS fellowships.
  • Added petition summary page (app-petition-sum) listing all petitions submitted for the applicant and resulting decisions.
  • Added petition page to enter or review petition information.
  • Added information to major and GPA change transactions regarding previous values.

Version 2.0 – November 7, 2002

This version incorporates major changes in the admissions section and is coupled with the release of a new version of the Web graduate application form admission.

  • Added much more granular authorization roles to separately control access to applicant, student, faculty and administrative data.
  • Added administrative access login (access to administration, faculty, GSFEI) which does not require SecurID card.
  • Added Graduate School Fund for Excellence and Innovation (GSFEI) for departmental submission of GSFEI recruitment proposals and review of award status.
  • Added user profile page (profile-user) to allow user to inspect their own authorization role status.
  • Added ability to choose columns for the applicant and student lists. New pages added are app-list-cols and stu-list-cols.
  • MyGradProgram assumes all functionality from the Student Database (SDB) for graduate admissions prior to the offer of admission. All application entries, both Web and paper are made directly to MyGradProgram and are immediately available for departmental viewing.
  • Added capability to “find” (find-person) specific applicants, students, and faculty by name or other identifying criteria.
  • The applicant detail page (app-detail) has been enhanced to include nearly all application information, including fields (such as interest area) that have never been in SDB.
  • Departments, Graduate Admissions, and applicants are now able to directly change applicant contact information including address, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses for pre-offer applications prior to the 10th day of the application quarter. Updates are conveyed to the SDB on a nightly basis.
  • Departments can indicate that an application is complete (app-detail-update) and this information is visible to applicants who return to the Web application after submitting their applications.
  • Departments and Graduate Admissions can print a facsimile of the graduate application for any applicant from the applicant detail page (app-detail).
  • MyGradProgram will record a transaction log for any significant change to applications, including date, time, name of person making change, and nature of change. This information is visible to departments (app-detail-trans) via link from the applicant detail page.
  • Departments can extract application data for their program on demand in text-delimited and Excel formats (app-extract).

Version 1.2 – July 16, 2002

  • Student List (stu-list) – Changed wording to read, “List includes students currently enrolled, on-leave, pre-registered” in place of, “List does not include inactive students”
  • Student Detail (stu-detail) – Added gender
  • Submit Proposed Doctoral Supervisory Committee Changes page (doc-save) – Changed wording to read, “Cancel Submit and Return to Committee” in place of, “Cancel and Return to the Doctoral Committee Main Page”
  • Doctoral Supervisory Committee page (doc-main) – Added the degree selected when committee was established

Super Users Only (Graduate School users only):

  • Doctoral Supervisory Committee page (doc-main) – Added the proposed exam date entered when committee was established

Version 1.1 – May 9, 2002

  • Applicant List (app-list) – Removed fee status column and replaced it by including non-payment information in status column
  • Applicant List (app-list) – Added entry date column which can be sorted in descending order
  • Applicant List (app-list) – Added “return to top” link
  • Applicant Detail (app-detail) – Added international funding source and English proficiency
  • Current Courses (stu-courses) – Added current courses page (linked from Page Action Bar link within Graduate Student Detail page)
  • Payment History (gsa-payment) – Added GSA payment history page (linked from Page Action Bar link within Current Graduate Appointment Detail)
  • Super Users Only (Graduate School users only):
  • Added Find a Person page (find-person-su) to directly locate an applicant, student, or faculty member
  • Added Graduate Appointee Health Insurance status on Current Graduate Appointment Detail page (gsa-detail)
  • Added Graduate Appointment Deduction/Contribution Detail (gsa-gtn) page (linked from Page Action Bar within Current Graduate Appointment Detail)

Version 1.0 – December 31, 2001