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New Graduation Resources – Spring 2018

As you prepare for Spring 2018 graduation, you may find our Graduation Training for Graduate Advisors webinar useful. Both the video and PDF are available on our GPA/GPC resources page under Training. Also, please check out our GEMS Blog entry on Summer 2018 Convey Admissions Decisions.

Data Update Issues for Graduate Student Service Appointments (TA/RA/GSA)

Graduate student service appointment data has not been updating in MyGrad program since the end of January 2018. The Graduate School is working with the UW Enterprise Data Warehouse to correct this issue.

Specific pages affected in MyGrad which will not reflect updated appointments are:
1. Student list – columns for HasTA, HasRA, HasSA, HasFellow, and HasTrainee (see “Columns” button on View Grad Students page).
2. Student detail graduate appointments (See the “Grad Appointments” link on the student detail page).

Please use Workday to verify graduate appointment data and to query employee history. We will keep you updated on this issue.

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