UW Graduate School

Landolt Criteria

Criteria Used in Evaluating Nominees

  • Actively recruits graduate program applications from a diverse body of students
  • Actively involves a varied and diverse body of students in publications and professional conferences
  • Acts as an advocate, helping students to overcome problems, discord, and economic, social, and cultural barriers
  • Engages and supports students who belong to groups that are underrepresented in their field or who are of varied and diverse backgrounds
  • Actively seeks financial support for students’ graduate study and research, particularly for students with greater need; from disadvantaged backgrounds; or who belong to groups that are underrepresented in their field
  • Demonstrates an understanding of students’ economic, personal, and social struggles as graduate students
  • Attracts a diverse body of students through active recruitment and active/scholarly reputation
  • Provides intellectual leadership
  • Respects students’ goals and helps students to work towards them; inspires, encourages
  • Is supportive at personal as well as professional level, is a good advocate for students
  • Clearly articulates expectations and holds students to high standards
  • Actively involves students in teaching, research and training
  • Is accessible for advice and assistance, whether student is in residence, on leave, is or is not ‘one of theirs’
  • Provides good model of professionalism
  • Helps students to ‘network’ with other relevant professionals and faculty
  • Opens students’ minds up to new concepts and values
  • Assists students in career preparation
  • Alerts students to career opportunities; helps students secure post-degree employment
  • Provides assistance in post-degree professional work
  • Is an effective communicator with students and is interested in their personal and professional development, in addition to their development as students.

2020 nomination guidelines