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Graduate School Council

The University of Washington’s Graduate School Council is an elected body that advises the Dean of the Graduate School on graduate education policies, related issues, and recommendations from program reviews.  The Council acts on behalf of the Graduate Faculty and has legislative authority for all matters pertaining to graduate education requiring a vote of elected representatives.  The Council’s recommendations form the basis for all new graduate degree authorizations by the Board of Regents.

Staff support for the Council resides in the Office of Academic Affairs and Planning.

Program Reviews

Graduate School Council Working Documents
(Access restricted to GS Council members.)

Current members of the Council — AY 2017–18

Name Representation Term Ends
Shima Abadi  UW Bothell Spring 2020
Anne Hirsch  School of Nursing Spring 2020
Patricia Kuszler  School of Law Spring 2020
Anitra Ingalls  College of the Environments Spring 2020
Ken-Yu Lin  College of Built Environment Spring 2020
Craig Thomas Evans School of Public Policy & Governance Spring 2020
Kima Cargill UW Tacoma Spring 2019
Alain Gowing College of Arts & Sciences—Humanities Division Spring 2019
Susan Herring School of Dentistry Spring 2019
Steve Holland UW Bothell: School of Business Spring 2019
Peter Johnson School of Public Health Spring 2019
Deborah Kartin Department of Rehabilitation Medicine Spring 2019
Valerie Manusov College of Arts & Sciences—Social Sciences Division Spring 2019
Michael Stiber UW Bothell Spring 2019
James Mazza College of Education Spring 2019
Gunnar Almgren School of Social Work Spring 2018
Eliot Brenowitz College of Arts & Sciences—Natural Sciences Division Spring 2018
Nina Isoherranen School of Pharmacy Spring 2018
Christopher Knaus UW Tacoma Spring 2018
Kristi Morgansen/
James Ritcey
College of Engineering Spring 2018
Dan Turner Foster School of Business Spring 2018

Ex-Officio Membership

Name Representation
Tony English Professional & Continuing Education (PCE)
Nancy Huling UW Libraries
Elloise (Soh Eun) Kim President, GPSS

Updated July 5, 2016