Graduate School Student Working Group


  • Krista Bargsten (Urban Design and Planning)
  • Andrew Brusletten (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences – Bothell)
  • Amanda Davis (Forest Resources)
  • John Drew (Graduate School)
  • Maria Hopper (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Jen Lehner (Physics)
  • Christine Noyes (Nursing)
  • Jason Smith (Public Affairs)
  • Julia Carlson (Graduate School) – chair

Definition of Electronic Student File

Supplement the existing electronic student file records in MGP (student detail page) by providing ability to scan documents into the file for both the Graduate School and departments. Records scanned can include degree transcripts, non-electronic forms (e.g. on leave forms, award acceptance forms, etc.), and other correspondence (e.g. unsatisfactory progress documentation, etc.). Create a link to the admissions data so the students electronic file will include admissions material. Combine all transactions from application to graduation for a complete student record. Provide comment spaces for both department and Graduate School.

Definition of Student Milestone and Progress Tracking

Provide support in MGP for departments to define student milestones for their programs, their associated timelines and deadlines. Students can then be tracked against these program-specific milestones as well as Graduate School/institutional milestones (such as awarding doctoral candidacy, creating reading committee, etc.). Include support in MGP for the institutional low scholarship process. Create interface in MyGrad Student View for students to track milestones. This may have some elements of a program of study but probably not at the course level.

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