Guidelines for Terminating a Graduate Program or Program Option


Academic units wishing to terminate a graduate program (graduate degree or graduate certificate) or a transcripted program option within a graduate program should adhere to the guidelines below.

Programs may suspend admissions to a graduate program (degree or certificate) or transcripted program option (degree option or certificate option) for up to two years by following the Guidelines for Suspending Admissions to a Graduate Program.

Termination of a graduate program (graduate degree or graduate certificate)

The program termination process is overseen by the provost and may include the Reorganization, Consolidation, and Elimination Procedures (RCEP) process as outlined in the Faculty Code, Chapter 26, Section 26‐41. Documents have been created by the Faculty Senate as resources for understanding the RCEP process.

The dean of the college or school notifies the provost to initiate the program termination process.

Prior to initiating termination, a program may suspend admissions to the graduate program.

Termination of a transcripted program option under an existing graduate program

Academic units wishing to terminate a transcripted graduate program option within an existing graduate program must submit a memo with the information below to the Graduate School’s Office of Academic Affairs and Planning. The memo must be signed by the chair, and the dean/chancellor must be copied upon submission. The unit is encouraged to contact Academic Affairs & Planning for guidance prior to submission (

In order to allow adequate time for implementation, the memo must be submitted well in advance of the application deadline for the quarter in which the degree/certificate option is to be terminated, and as outlined in the transition plan.

Memo contents:

  1. Confirmation that faculty in the unit have voted to approve termination of the graduate program option (degree option or graduate certificate option) and have approved the associated implementation plan.
  2. Confirmation that the unit has communicated with the college/school dean or the chancellor and has followed any process required by the college/school or campus.
  3. Specific program option code(s) and transcript titles affected.
  4. Background and rationale for terminating the program option.
  5. Impact on the overall curriculum of the college, school, or campus.
  6. Impact on the stated mission of the college, school, or campus.
  7. Impact on faculty in the unit (teaching duties and faculty appointments).
  8. Description of the completed faculty review and approval process (faculty approval at unit/college/school/campus level).
  9. Whether students are admitted directly to the program option.
  10. Implementation plan, including transition plan for students currently pursuing the program option and timeline for termination that considers admission deadlines, if applicable.
  11. Impact on the curriculum and students of other options within the overarching graduate program, as well as on other graduate programs in the unit.

Elimination of a degree code that does not represent a unique graduate program or degree option

No approval is required by the Office of Academic Affairs & Planning to remove a degree code that represents a duplicate transcript title and when: the program requirements are identical to another existing program; removal has no impact on the curriculum of the graduate program or program option; and there is no impact on student progress towards a degree. This primarily applies to different modes of delivery of an identical graduate degree or degree option (e.g., distance learning; evening degree, etc.).