UW Graduate School

Outreaching Grads Program

What is the OG Program?

GSEE is committed to enhancing equity and social progression to promote the recruitment and success of graduate students of color at our Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma campuses. The Outreaching Grads (OG) Program is a comprehensive and collaborative outreach and recruitment tri-campus program housed in GSEE of the Graduate School.  The OG Program launched last year with 30 masters and doctoral students of color trained to assist GSEE, graduate departments, UW Bothell, UW Tacoma, and undergraduate registered student organizations in their efforts to expand graduate education and increase racial diversity at the University of Washington.

This year, approximately 30 “OGs” will be selected from UW Seattle, five from UW Bothell, and five from UW Tacoma to assist in efforts to attract and retain a robust racially and ethnically diverse graduate student body. The OG Program will focus on three key tenets:

  • Proactive student of color outreach and recruitment efforts tied to building community and increasing the graduate student of color pipeline
  • Investment in professional development opportunities for OGs in the form of workshops and trainings
  • Strengthen tri-campus partnerships

What is the role of an OG?

OGs will help create a more welcoming campus environment while assisting UW faculty, staff and departments in building a stronger pipeline into graduate education in the following ways:

  • Provide one-on-one prospective student engagement
  • Connect with undergraduate registered student organizations (RSOs)
  • Participate in student panels, graduate student advancement networking opportunities, and other public speaking events
  • Serve as a liaison to assess tri-campus diversity needs

How can I become an OG?

Our OG trainings typically occur during Fall Quarter of each academic year. Graduate students of color interested in becoming an OG may fill out the 2021–22 OG Interest form or contact Carolyn Jackson at cwj@uw.edu.

How can a department request the assistance of an OG?

We are happy to send OGs to departmental functions or have them visit one-on-one with prospective students or groups. We do ask, however, that your request be submitted one week in advance. To request that an OG meet with or contact your prospective student(s), please complete the 2020–2021 OG Departmental Request Form.