Jason Eugenio Quantro-Plaga

Grad program: Anthropology

Hometown: Madison, WI

Undergrad institution: University of Wisconsin, Madison

Undergrad major: Religious Studies

Why did you decide to attend the UW?

Because of the outstanding amount of resources that are available to foster an environment of learning and growth.

Where do you hope your graduate education will take you?

I hope to be able to become a professor and to be able to conduct meaningful research that will hopefully be published.

GO-MAP’s* motto is “Graduate Excellence through Diversity.” What does this mean to you?

In order for us to learn and grow as people we must be exposed to those that are different from ourselves. We get so accustomed to our own backgrounds that at times we forget that there are a vast amount of different experiences and perspectives than the ones we are surrounded by, and in order to properly excel in anything we must learn about those that are different from ourselves.

Who has been your inspiration or role model?

First and foremost my mother has been an inspiration to me. She went from growing up on the streets, and at times being homeless, to having her own business. Though we were impoverished when I was growing up, my mom made ever sacrifice imaginable to make sure I had my needs meet.

Please provide one tip you’d like to share with UW undergrads or prospective graduate students.

As cheesy as it may sound, my biggest advice is to always believe in yourself and your own abilities. I would also say it is important to research what you want to do well in advance, so that you can start preparing your applications.

*GO-MAP was the name of a program that is now called GSEE, the Office of Graduate Student Equity & Excellence. Learn more.