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Holistic Admissions Workshop with Julie Posselt

Spring 2018 Holistic Admissions Workshop with Julie Posselt – Register Now!

Selection into highly-ranked PhD programs is critical to securing work as a professor in the 21st century. Whom does the present system of doctoral admissions system work for, and who falls through its cracks? Drawing from her book, Inside Graduate Admissions: Merit, Diversity, and Faculty Gatekeeping (Harvard, 2016) as well as recent case studies of high-diversity, selective PhD programs, Dr. Julie Posselt will pull back the curtain on a process usually conducted in secret. Dr. Posselt presents admissions and recruitment from the decision makers’ point of view, including thought-provoking episodes of committees debating the process, interviewing applicants, and grappling with “maybe” applications. Who ultimately makes the admit list reveals as much about how professors see themselves — and each other — as it does about how they view students. To help promote transparency and accountability, Dr. Posselt will share concrete strategies to improve admissions review.

Registration is required and limited to 75, so secure your seat now. 

Holistic Admissions with Julie Posselt     
Wednesday, April 4
11:30 a.m.–4 p.m.
HUB 334


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Thank you to those who participated in the workshop on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Tri-campus faculty and members of departmental admissions committees heard a brief panel discussion of a range of departmental experiences with holistic admissions. They worked in small groups to identify challenges and opportunities for revising approaches to graduate admissions. Challenges discussed included large numbers of applicants, limited review time, financial constraints, and identifying predictors of graduate student success. Each attendee gained concrete strategies for conducting reviews (even with large numbers of applicants) and improving questions on applications.

Reactions to the November 8, 2017 Holistic Admissions Workshop:

  • “I learned there are other departments doing/considering holistic application review.”
  • “Predicting success in grad school depends on many factors (probably things we don’t ask for in application materials).”
  • “I liked hearing how people modified questions on the personal statement so students can speak to research & overcoming challenges.”
  • “I like thinking about using the match between student and program; articulating research and resources they need to get to their goals.”