UW Graduate School

Graduate Diversity Ambassador Program

What is the GDA program?

The Graduate Diversity Ambassador (GDA) program is designed to support GO-MAP and departmental efforts to recruit underrepresented minority students, as well as students whose scholarship addresses issues of diversity.

The goal of the GDA program is to introduce prospective graduate students to the rich diversity that nourishes community at the University of Washington and in doing so, increasing diversity and fostering community at the graduate level.

What is the role of a GDA?

GO-MAP has a trained corps of current graduate students to assist visiting prospective students and aid academic departments in their diversity recruitment efforts. They provide targeted services for campus visits, which could include any of the following:

  • Meet for coffee or meals to share insights and answer questions (Husky card provided);
  • Make contact via phone or email before and/or after the visit;
  • Be available as an additional contact throughout the visit; and
  • Participate in student panels, graduate student advancement networking opportunities, and other public speaking events.

Previous GDAs have found their experience to be rewarding, where they have fostered new friendships with other GDAs and prospective students, gained important skills in public speaking, and built their robust and dynamic networks. GDA time commitments vary depending on the engagement and numbers of events in which they choose to participate.

How can I become a GDA?

Graduate students interested in becoming a GDA may apply online. For more information, please contact gomap@uw.edu.

How can a department request the assistance of a GDA?

We are happy to send GDAs to departmental functions or have them visit one-on-one with prospective students or groups. We do ask, however, that your request be submitted one week in advance. To request that a GDA meet with or contact your prospective student, please contact GO-MAP at gomap@uw.edu.