What We Do

Services We Provide

University of Washington graduate programs are among the best in the nation – and the world – and our graduate students are our most valuable assets. To ensure that our students earn more than a degree, the Graduate School offers a range of opportunities so they can develop the leadership, communication and personal skills needed for a rewarding life and academic, research or professional career.

We are committed to supporting all graduate and professional students at the University of Washington. Many of the units and programs below provide support and tailor programming specific to our many diverse graduate students, such as international students, first-generation students, underrepresented minority students, LGBTQ students, and more.


Graduate fellowships allow us to compete for the most promising students. Each year, the Graduate School distributes millions of dollars in financial awards.

In addition, we offer programming to help students secure grants and funding.


Our Office of Graduate Student Equity & Excellence (GSEE) awards approximately $1.5M in recruitment funding each year, hosts quarterly receptions to build community, offers professional development workshops and sponsors Prospective Student Days to welcome admitted students to campus each spring, connecting them with UW resources.

Professional Development

Through Core Programs, the Graduate School helps students develop the skills and capacities they need to flourish throughout graduate school and into their careers. Workshops and online content address topics such as how to find a mentor, select a lab and look for a job in academia or industry.

Interdisciplinary Opportunities

The Graduate School incubates innovation through 11 degree programs aimed at helping graduate students develop collaborative approaches to their research and teaching.


The Graduate School sends a bi-weekly digest of campus resources, events and news relevant to graduate students, as well as an advice column, “The Grad School Guide,” and several social media pages and groups to facilitate conversation among grad students.

Community Engagement

Through our Public Lecture series, the Graduate School takes big ideas and discoveries into the community, and brings the community into scholarly life.

Quality and Assessment

Through the academic program review process, the Graduate School ensures that the UW continues to offer innovative, high quality graduate education programs. Each year, the Graduate School reviews 15 to 25 existing academic programs and proposals for about 30 new programs. The online application MyGrad assists faculty and staff with overseeing students’ educations, from application to graduation.

Advocacy and Advancement

Graduate School leaders advocate for graduate education on campus, in the community and throughout the state and beyond by regularly visiting with leaders in the community, business and government, as well as UW supporters, donors, faculty and administrators.